Has anyone ever rooted a T-Mobile lg Leon H-345?

My friend accidentally deleted her gallery and I tried to recover them but I need root power to scan the internal memory. I can't find a way to root the phone.

Alternatively, is there a way to recover all photos without rooting the phone?

Seems as if rooting and unlocking have been done. You might look for a file manager app in the play store that might be able to retrieve the photos without unlocking.

I am not sure if unlocking could give me power to scan the internal memory, I tried an app call diskedge but it needs root power.

There are lot of rooting apps in the play store, plus this link.

This "Diskdigger" app has excellent ratings, and so may work for you.

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This "Diskdigger" app has excellent ratings, and so may work for you.

This is the one I used, not diskedge. This app cannot scan internal memory without root power. When I tried to root as it suggested, it took to to one click root and after many steps one click root presented a price for root service. My ass. Why could not it tell me upfront?

Because marketing... :slight_smile:

Plus, when you click, it probably sends the developer your phone info.

UPDATE!!, Don’t use it when the phone running Android 5.1.x OTA (Lollipop), someone said that Kingroot can root it.

Peculiar that "Diskdigger" has good ratings, given its inabilities. Perhaps it used to be good, but not now. XDA developers may be a good source of info about rooting or gaining access to files, or at least it used to be.

Edit: Sorry, it doesn't look like your phone is on their list. However, there are some recommendations for rooting programs on the site.

Thanks! Diskdigger is still good so long as you are willing to pay for rooting service. When you have money you can manipulate the ratings too. Somehow I suspect diskdigger is a product sponsored by one click root, which is okay, but it would be more moral to list the price upfront instead of after requiring registration.