Has anybody been able to change his/her phone number in the app?

so that it will match the redpocket number to enable the topup?
Don't tell me that this is a formidable task that will take more than 10 minutes to get done.
Don't tell me that there are too many suckers making this stupid request.

I put in a ticket to do just that Thursday I think, they said it could "take a bit" nothing has changed yet. I don't understand why the numbers have to match for me since I'm not refilling a red pocket phone but my AT&T phone which I gave them the "AT&T account number for" so it has nothing to do with RP. Either I have the gold balance to refill it or I don't seems like the only relevant information they need. I'm trying to refill AT&T 100 bucks. So if i'm ever able to do it I will have cashed in a big chunk of my gold and would then feel much better about saying goodbye to CN.

100 bucks? in your wildest dream!

Agree. $100 would be the biggest success story posted if that goes through. Hope it does!

Although it wouldn't surprise if CN asked for a copy of the bill as further "proof" before processing.

"take a bit"

How long is a bit??? 5 days so far. Think we've been stonewalled

Tactics in stonewalling include giving sparse, vague responses, refusing to answer questions, or responding to questions with additional questions. In most cases, stonewalling is used to create a delay compared to putting the conversation off forever

^^^^^^^^ yup

In an email they told me they would process it once "the numbers match" I have the AT&T bill if they want that. I tried cashing in 130 gold but the 'max' it will let you do is 100.

Nope! I too submitted a ticket last Thursday and they replied saying they have submitted the request for the change. I followed it up on Saturday but still no reply yet. I said it before and I'll say it again...this is total BS. There is absolutely no need for the app phone # to be same as carrier line number. There is already a field in the app to input the carrier account # or phone #. CN is totally BS-ing us.

Here is the actual email from CS:
CellNUVO commented:

In order for the top up to go through, the number you are refilling has to match the number in the app. I can submit a request to have your app updated with the correct phone number- please let me know what phone number you would like reflected in the app. (Just FYI, when I look up 850-xxx-xxxx in Red Pocket, it is giving me a SIM ICCID error message and no other details (such as active or closed, nothing- just blank no details)- you can contact red pocket and let them know that as that is a problem they can address.) Or if you'd like to continue with AT&T that works too- just let me know the number you want in your app so we can get it changed for you. Thanks

Crap! I just received an email from support telling me to submit a request to change the app phone number to the active Red Pocket phone number. Do they even read my tickets? I been trying to do that since last Thursday!

When emailing Cellnuvo I'm never quite sure
if the answers I'm getting have the scent of manure
I have tons of gold and I thought that was cool
but now I'm wondering if I am the fool.

They don't want everybody redeeming at once. Let some. The others keep swiping. MO money

Well I know that is not necessary as my first sprint postpaid payment went through and the number did not match what was in the app. I don't think there was any additional assistance as I didn't tell any one about it.

My second one was submitted 9 days ago. I sent in a support ticket but imagine I will get the same blurb. If they really needed the phone number here is a thought - why not ask for it as part of the bill payment request instead of just the account number. Automagical.

I just spoke to AT&T, they do not need the phone number only the account number. AT&T rep told me they won't let you pay a bill until you have a balance due, this could cause a severe problem for someone relying on CN to pay a bill that may have a 10 day window of opportunity, 7 days to wait for payment to process and another 7 for CN to reply to a failed attempt could leave you with an overdue bill, what could possibly go wrong with this?

In my case, I could lose a grandfathered stand-alone unlimited postpaid AT&T Mobley data plan (although AT&T has the right to throttle at 22gb if towers are overloaded) for $22.01 a month with all taxes and fees. Walked away from CellNUVO after a week of no service even though had ~42 in gold. Would rather just give AT&T a credit card number once a month rather than rejoin CellNUVO and risk losing a grandfathered plan.

CellNuvo has no place being involved with anyone's actual phone lines. All it is good for is a little diversion if you like to tinker with phones and test it out. I could never recommend anyone to sign up for service (or allow CN to pay your cell bill elsewhere). They would need to show a reliable track record for a long time before I ever came back. Not worth the hassle and headache.

Paying cell bills is okay if the provider lets you add a balance like sprint do. I wouldn’t trust that CN would pay an actual bill on time. Too risky. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it.

I'm not solely dependent on CN for my AT&T bill. I still (and will continue) to pay it with a credit card once a month. IF, however, I log in to pay one day and see I have a 100 dollar credit from my CN gold then all the better. Just to clarify, CellNuvo CS wasn't asking for the AT&T cell number, she was saying my current Red Pocket number Does not match the Red Pocket number in the App. And that, until those 2 numbers match, they can't process my request to pay my AT&T bill using my AT&T account number. I know, it doesn't sound right to me either...

Got another reply today. At least they are consistent with their BS & stonewalling.

[b]CellNUVO commented:

Your request to have your number updated was submitted but it is taking a while for those to process and change in the app. We are working on it for you and appreciate your patience. Thank you so much.

CellNUVO changed the status to Waiting for customer[/b].

Why would it take a while?

It should take no longer than writing this robot email.