Hangouts Chrome App stopped working?

It was working this afternoon and a short while ago, it keeps circling... will not load list of contacts... did the app actually get retired? Anyone else notice anything different?

I believe it's been retired. You'll need to switch to the extension and/or the web page.

I think I was using the extension. (Chrome web app)
I removed it then looked for it under extension, no 'hangout' nor 'voice'.

Hm... web site not working either. Works on the phone, though. Must be some kind of partial outage.

It's still in the play and Chrome web stores. Just wondering if you were logged into your Google account when it didn't work?

Hm... switched Chromebook and it' working now... must be some glitch (or network issue) with the previous Chromebook... will check it again later.

If was not resolving, check DNS settings. You can use google public DNS:,, quad9: or cloudflare:

Works now. Probably just needed to reboot the chromebook.