Guys, i need help!

I need your guys help!

I emailed Tom 2 weeks ago, and asked him if he can help me out with getting a certain phone in time for my summer vacation. He replied instantly, asking a couple questions like when I'm leaving how much the phone costs... Then he stopped replying back for a week, which I fully understand since he was busy with the new update. He then responded just a couple of days ago asking what my account number is and when I need the phone by. Next thing I know is that Support tells me that they where told by Tom that the 100 gold per month limit will not be waived for me. I just feel really depressed now. It seems like Tom was pulling my leg the whole time by asking all these questions. Why didn't he just say that unfortunately he can't help me out because of the limit? Why did he get me really excited and then just burst my bubble?

Please help!

PS: I'm not angry at Tom, as this is all a favor and he is not required to do this. I'm just really upset.

There's not much that we can do since we have no control over that limit.. but maybe we can help you find a cheaper phone?