Great Safety App to Download!

Life 360 Family GPS Locator is available for both Android and iPhone!

Big brother?

Hahaha! No. Good app to have if you have children and want to know where they are and not have to worry about them or have to call their friends to know where they are. Good for seniors who have a tendency to get lost too. If someone gets lost, you'll be able to locate them. It doesn't send GPS to anyone except to the phone(s) that you accept to join your circle. I have it on my phone, my son has it on his phone, and it has helped me located him a couple of times when he got lost. For me, it has been a very useful app to have.


I've been looking for a good, inexpensive & similar solution to place in a car and use via cheap GSM - but they all either have technical hangups, or require an additional, pricey membership.

The ones for phones are nifty when they use cellular - but again, most require a paid membership.

It surprises me that nobody has yet come out with something small & inexpensive that can always be on and/or car powered that works via GSM.

Thus far the popular locators have all been bluetooth and very limited in use.

Seems to me that with everybody always wanting to know where everybody else is these days that it should be very likely to find good, cheap ways of doing it - but AFAIK, it just ain't so (yet ??).