Graphene batteries are here?!?

Wow, must be missing out on lots of development/news... commercially available graphene batteries!

The revolution began several years ago, and more and more graphene products have made it to market:
Graphene products: introduction and market status | Graphene-Info, with no end in sight. I'd like to get my hands on some of those graphene tires.

Thanks for the news & link.
It'll be time for excitement if/when the graphene batteries become ubiquitous AND affordable !!
Also I agree - tires would be cool as well so long as they last a REALLY long time (like the existing military grade ones do that 'regular folks' cannot seem to get).

If we ever need a good reason to use renewable energy... we need carbons for graphene, not let loose in the atmosphere. :wink:

Is graphene a green house gas sink?

It's an "aromatic compound", if that helps.:unsure:

Grene battery for short, maybe the greanest battery yet?

@Isamorph, Thanks for the wikipedia reference.
The only thing I got, not sure if the rest is gobblydguck or hard science is,
"Graphene is the only form of carbon (or solid material) in which every atom is available for chemical reaction from two sides (due to the 2D structure)."

Anyone here with a science background that can clarify the wiki article for us?
Perhaps graphene for dummies?

Can't wait until we get graphene commercially viable to replace desalination... the coast cities need to get their water from the ocean... example is California... save the water from the Colorado river for the inland states and Mexico! Incidentally, if we can accomplish this, life in Mexico will improve by a thousand fold!

how do you get from graphene batteries to desalination?
Current commercial and small scale return osmosis desalination relies on forcing seawater thru an extremely fine filter to remove the salt.
Power intensive.. With the small scale pumps currently available to sailors it takes one hard hour of pumping to provide enough water for the survival of 2 sailors.
A life saver on a life raft, but I wouldn't want to do it everyday.

Graphene sieves?

Very nice! Looks like we are getting there...

I have the chemistry background to understand that gobbledygook, but I dunno how to put it into telecom terms or even plain language. Perhaps one interesting way is to contrast graphene with buckminsterfullerene. Google that compound for cool images. Then contrast that with graphene.

Anyone here with a science background that can clarify the wiki article on "buckminsterfullerene" for us? Kidding.

More on Graphene:

All the current products seem to be just lithium ion battery with carbon nano tips, so while safer, still some risk of fire/leak... I have not seen any using solely carbnon nanotubes (e.g. carbon paper).

I believe the use of graphene to enhance batteries is still in its early stages, yet the predicted abilities to decrease charging times, drastically reduce weights, greatly increase storage capacity and longevity will lead to cars that can go 800 or so miles on a charge, and recharge quite quickly, and home storage batteries will be able to hold many more days of energy as well as be replenished in much shorter periods of time.

Pew , You were right I was wrong. I would love to be able to drink my words. Apparently one of the problems with water purification is removing oil based pollutants and a ' graphair 'filter can help.:pinch:

Now graphene battery packs are here!

Graphene water filter, need ASAP! SW drought is getting bad again, looking at lake and dam water levels...