Grandfathered free plan

I renewed my free plan today and I was again allowed to sign up for the 500 Total Minutes & Texts + 100MB 4G LTE Data plan which will start in 7 days.

I prefer this plan over the new 1000 minute free plan with no data as I use google voice dialer which requires data connection.

Hope they continue to allow renewals.

Same here and same here -- really glad that we seem to be grandfathered in on the old plan with that 100MB. Hope it will continue that way in perpetuity!

Me, too, on all counts..
But... if they get coupon crediting working for everyone, and get the dashboard configured to buy add-ons with rewards, it would be simple to earn enough to add 250mb each month. ($5 in Rewards)

Depending on how you use Google Voice, and who you need to reach while away from WiFi, it is possible to get by with no data, but it's not ideal.

My free plan renewed the other day as well.I'm basically using this as a test bed to see when the crediting issues get worked out.

My balance is a bit over 40 dollars but the crediting is still a work in progress.

My thoughts exactly.
Will be upgrading to the $10 monthly plan once FU gets it all together!