Got a good, older Android phone sitting around ?? Why not use it for SIP ??

Just posting this idea for anyone who may be interested, as I just did this myself.

I've had a number with VOIP.MS for about a year - it is incredibly cheap & I had it mapped to my SIP phone.

Upon realizing that it had been using .85/month when the initial deposit ran low, I added a bit more, then chose to add it as a 3rd line to my Obi box - which SHOULD have been trivial to accomplish.
But it wasn't, and after poking at that for days I gave up trying.

As it happens I've got a superb, non-activated Kyocera Hydro that was my Twigby phone with Android 4.4.2 just hanging around that gets a little use as a camera - and of course it is usable via wifi only and has the native SIP client.

Setting up SIP on the phone was trivial - it registered right away & tested fine for outgoing.
Incoming was a bit more effort, but once I got the info only took a minute to fix, then tested & setup VM which comes with email notification at no extra charge.
The sound quality is good IMO and it works just as a phone should.

Now I've got that number working on a totally portable phone which may end up costing ~$20/year with my low usage & can be set up to grab calls from my extra GV number that has been in limbo for quite some time since the Simonics gateway for GV went away.

If you have the desire or need for some added & very cheap services, I can recommend VOIP.MS without hesitation, and they even have a referral program - though I haven't looked at its details.

Awesome, I have two Kyocera Hydros. If it takes me awhile to get on this (juggling a few new hobbies ATM), will you remember the "Incoming was a bit more effort" trick(s)?

Also curious why you set up VM. I've been using the same GV# from back when it was GrandCentral -- I absolutely hate whenever I get a new # and/or carrier and kinda wonder if their VM will interfere. Perhaps a unique use case for me, but I wish VM would always default to off LOL. Also people shouldn't leave VMs, it's 2020 texts are a jillion times better.

Thanks for replying Uhthisb.

Whenever you use VOIP.MS, there are their ring groups to consider if you wish to use more than a single device with 1 phone number, so then the routing for the Ring Group must be specified.
Also - the Point of Presence must match the server in use.

Those settings are found at their site under DID Numbers > Manage DID(s) > Edit DID.

Also, their support is done via tickets & they are very helpful.
For such an inexpensive service, it is actually quite good.

The only downside there (IMO) is that they charge per SMS, so I am not using that option...which brings me to:
I'll soon set up my idle GV account to ring that phone, at which time I'll shut the VM off for it - I simply did not do that yet & it took all of a minute to make their VM work.

GV is where any SMS will get done & I'll add the GV app to that phone as well.