Got a free GB data!

On one SIM that just rolled over a new month!

Date Time Source Data
5/24/18 5:49 PM Offer Bonus 1 GB
5/22/18 5:00 PM Friend Bonus 500 MB
5/22/18 5:00 PM Plan Data 200 MB

I had to look, since I have a couple of SIMs with similar renewal dates-- no bonus for me, so perhaps you have 'favored status' for some reason.

I got that too, but they said for $5, so I LOLed it.

Did not say anything about $5 charge for it... just appeared on the month's new allotment.

I saw that when I opened my fp app. 1G for $5.


1gb for $5 sounds like a really good price.
I can only hope all other providers will start offering 1gb for $5
Can you use celnuvo to pay for it?

I don't think so

The $50/year 1gb/month FreedomPop SIM card is offered on Amazon now. (1.5 gb/month with Friends). It might be possible for CelllNuvo to allow that purchase, as they've allowed (at least limited selection) Red Pocket annual plans as part of the Amazon purchase program.

If folks are interested, Tom suggests sending the request/suggestion to
Possible catch: I think we're still limited to 1 phone purchase per year through Amazon--and It's possible that buying an annual plan via Amazon counts as a "phone purchase". (?)

Does this include unlimited 2G data? LOL

Another SIM just got 1 GB bonus data when it renewed on the 11th. :slight_smile: