Google voice/hangouts

How to block all anonymous phone calls


Ty but I don't see just anonymous call

It's there. I think you have to do it from 'puter after adding the caller to your contacts. i think.

YouTube showed me

Google voice legacy

Voicemail groups

Edit. Anonymous

Unchech ring to your numbers

But it might ring the voice app
We shall see

Unless someone knows better?

You could have the Anonymous group ring a number that answers immediately, plays a message to caller, then disconnects. This may be possible to set up at no cost using both an IPComms free DID and Callcentric (IP Freedom) call treatment.

Also, here is a related post:

I do not know why landlines have a feature that does not allow anonymous/unknown,but Google voice doesn't?

I tried calling my Google voice using anonymous and I just rings the voice app

CallCentric IP Freedom is SIP only; no PSTN connectivity. So it cannot work with GV.

IPComms free DID can forward to Callcentric via SIP URI.