Google Voice Australian Style

I know google voice is available in this country, but do you think its possible to port an Australian number to them?

I don't think so. But there may possibly be a way to forward your AUS # to a US GV number. Perhaps someone with expertise in this area will weigh in to lend a hand.!topic/voice/d6IiVb3Pt5M;context-place=topicsearchin/voice/category$3Agetting-started--tips--tricks!topic/voice/6d_FcZvTmQM

If you can think of any equivalents to GV for Australia, let me know :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that Google Voice was available in Australia. If it's not, I know it used to be.

Google Voice is, but not Google Voice Numbers......... yeah go figure.

Just thinking---maybe Skype would be an alternative for you. I'm not up to speed on Skype's latest features, but last I looked, it has some very inexpensive ways to configure phone services, and not just to call friends and family. Might be worth a look.

I wish google voice would give out UK numbers too.

As cheap as possible to be honest. SMS is required, and MMS would be a luxury.

Funny you mention that, I almost went with skype but having no texting is a problem. However I do appreciate that insight.


What I have ended up doing, which I did not realize I could do until extremely recently, was purchase a Skype Australian number and ported that as a virtual number into my US based truphone service. This allowed me to keep my US based number as primary on the truphone account, while having local relatives of that country to call/text me incoming for free. Only downside was I do have to pay $8/month for keeping that second virtual number on my truphone account, but until there is a Australian based GV I do not see another viable option.

P.S.: Yay for reaching cans+strings status

Since you have a dual sim phone you can get an Australian number with a toggle sim. Toggle works on tmobile over in the USA. Everything is in UK pounds but you can buy from the USA. Just make sure your bank/credit card doesn't hit you too hard with foreign exchange charges. Incoming calls are free. outgoing is 3p (about 4c) for calls and texts are 4c. It is like truphone but works on tmobile.

You need to make sure you pay the 5gbp per annum to keep your local number once you select it or you will lose it after 30 days.

You can get it here on ebay for a lower starting cost (less credit though) in case you want to try it out first. 50 X Toggle Mobile SIM Card - Ideal for The Frequent European Travelers for sale online | eBay

NB toggle is a lycamobile company.

Oh and you can get a US number too on the same sim.

Localphone allows you to have local numbers. Freedompop does as well I believe.

None of them free though.

Have you used localphone before - any good?

I usually use skype but the app design is getting worse each time. Less focus on calls and more on social media. It is fine on a computer. I really needed to sms the other day too and skype couldn't handle it.

Give WeChat app a try. I have relatives in several countries and we formed a WeChat family group. Voice calls, video calls, texts are all free.

How about Google Voice gangnam style?

Google Voice has never been available to signup anywhere outside the United States.

Localphone is very good.

Google wants all Australians to call only Americans.

Yes I still have it. It's very feature packed and easy to use. Good quality.

It lets me call UK freephone numbers for free from a US line.

It also works with obihai.

I can also use my UK FreedomPop accounts for free UK calls (incoming and outgoing) and my FreedomPop US Sims for free international minutes.

Update: Australian Skype numbers can not be ported into truphone. Thankfully, truphone let me keep my virtual number on the truphone account so my family can still contact me by call or text for free. I will have to look around for local sim service to temporarily take my Australian Skype number so truphone can take it later. Yes that is a little more money but I really like the fact that Skype has a BUNCH of number combinations so you can get the exact set of numbers you want. That's how I got my current hangouts number :slight_smile:

I got my Google Voice number so long ago that it was when they let you pick your own phone number, for free.

I was able to get a phone number that has my name spelled out in it, so it's really easy for people to remember.

Sometimes it's good to be able early adopter!