google to disallow ad blocker chrome

Any way around this? Surf the web through a free proxy server that blocks ads?

Use Firefox or Firefox clones

Open based browsers.

AdGuard DNS

Some current ad blockers will still work to some extent.

"Also, we're happy to clarify that while Adblock Plus is affected by the draft changes, it will not be whacked quite as hard as other more featureful extensions, such as uBlock Origin."

Here are a few alternative browsers to Chrome that intend to provide ad-blocking for those who desire it.

EDIT: I might add, if one wants to use the web free of adds( Adblock + can be used ) and in an extremely private way, there is the "Tor" Browser which is partially funded by the US government and run by volunteers through the world.

Don't forget Firefox and Firefox clones like pale Moon.

I always thought that chrome never supported adblock?

"Firefox" is mentioned in the article. Plus Google Chrome, as mentioned before, has supported Adblock Plus for some time and still does.

"Adblock Plus for Google Chrome has been available since December 2010 and has over 10 million users."

"The move has angered Chrome users beyond belief, with many vowing to switch browsers, and many setting their eyes on Firefox, whose developers have been working to transform and rebrand the former fan-favorite into a privacy-first product."

Then I looked at it before 2010. Because it wouldn't allow it before. And then I stopped paying attention to it

as far as I know chrome was always known for being Google and Google make money on ads

The only thing I use chrome for is to cast to Chromecast/tv. It is the best browser for that

The Dissenter web browser is built for The People, not advertisers.
Block Big Tech ads and trackers by default.

(Chrome based)