Google Opinion Rewards Opinions

For those who have used the app, what has your experience been like?

Definitely worth doing. It isn't much but it is nice to earn a little

First few months I got quite a lot of surveys but now I get them once every couple of weeks or so. Still worth it as the surveys are very short. I like to be able to buy apps that I may not otherwise consider. I think you get more surveys if you actually go to a lot of different places though.

Ios app is the best as you can cash out to paypal.

What is the typical payout for the surveys that compensate for your opinions?

Always tell the .truth. If they ask if you went to is happyland and you said yes. It could be a setup and they will cut you off.

Just answer honestly

Yes I made many $ with this app. With Android only get apps though

Agreed! I've also gotten a lot less surveys lately (seems like they started lessening as soon as I started swiping on CellNUVO -- interesting coincidence?) but I have more virtual $$ than I know what to do with, thanks to this app. Too bad I have an Android phone, though; it would be nice if I could use my credits on PayPal. Happy for you that you can cash out that way.

How long would it take to earn $100? Paypal means I can use it on Swappa.

I would expect that it would take a L O N G time to earn $100, since you don't have any control over how many surveys you get or how much they pay (usually between 10 and 60 cents each).

So like CN 100-600 silvers, much better payout...

You always can donate vitual subscriptions and apps to your fellow nthcircle friends :slight_smile:

Yes. You will accrue silver and gold much more quickly with CN than the Rewards app for the reasons I mentioned above.

Google Opinion Rewards don't pay out much at all. Most seem .50 cents or less. Never got one for more than $1.00. But they only take couple seconds to do.

Seems as compared to others posting, I get a lot. Several a day lately. It's almost annoying. lol I don't let Google retain my history or location & do what I can to limit tracking me. I don't accept some of their analytic cookies either. But I don't surf web much on my phone either. I've got privacy & security locked down pretty tight

I've bought almost every app I use, granted that's not a whole lot especially since most I can share in the Family Library. Some I can't share so bought twice. I like it for being able to "reward" app developers. But I'm now sitting at almost $100 so it would be GREAT if I could cash out to PayPal. Wonder why that's not allowed on Android?

It has taken a L O N G to accrue that much though. Probably more than 2yrs. It's just a distraction more than anything at this point. Not sure why I keep doing it since I don't spend it.

Just realized app retains survey history. I've done 504 survey's & earned total of $136.08 since WOW! Feb 2016, longer than I thought, so yeah doesn't pay out a lot. Balance now $96.38 so only spent $39.07 in all that time.

Wow that is more then me total between two accounts about 80

I probably ought to try this. I like to pay for the premium (or "thank you") version of apps I use a lot, too-- or if it removes ads. I've got a couple of must-have apps that cost me about $10 for the pair, and I've bought them twice.

260 surveys for $57.99 since Jan 2017. I've used it for some apps and also for occasional Google Play movie rentals.

I wonder if you signed up your same Google account on Google Opinion Rewards on iOS (assuming you have an iOS device), if you could cash out that way...

that is pretty low per survey rate.

Average. .10 to 1.00

Well, averages 223 CN silvers...not too bad after all, I guess.