Google Maps: App or Device Issue?

Long story short I went with friends yesterday to a new location and the driver, using Google Maps on an iPhone got hopelessly lost. We switched to a different iPhone and had no problem.

The driver told me later the map did not display a circle for the destination only a blue line ending at the destination. Apparently this happens from time to time. The iPhone is a refurb from Apple. He says it is fully up to date on the OS and App side.

Any ideas on what the issue is and the solution?


Waze :slight_smile:

I have found that all issues google seemed to be fixed when google + app was updated. Goigle+ is a different app from google maps


I did not know there were issues with Google Maps since I never had any problem myself.

I will pass on these very helpful suggestions.

Might not work but cant hurt.

I was having issue with android auto that uses google maps. I updated everything but google+. When I did it fixed it. Go figure