It has been well over 3 months that I have been active on this forum. I miss yall! I have swiped every here and there for the past 3 months just to see if it's still worth it. It's not. I haven't made over 1 gold for the past 3 months due to the shortage of 15pt ads. Tbh, I haven't been reading the posts here, but am I the only one on this non-swiping boat? For me, this is my farewell to every one here and to cellnuvo, at least for now.

Peace yall

Take care


Sorry to hear it did not work out. I can agree there have been some issues lately, but we have had good results.

I honestly do not know why some people experience such low results. My guess is that there is a combination of device hardware, Android OS, and software configuration.

I have used the following devices:

  • LG Q7+ (Android 8.1.0).
  • LG Stylo 4 (Android 8.1.0).
  • Blu HD-R1 (2GB RAM & Android 6.0) - Rooted
  • Moto E 2nd Gen XT1526 (Custom 7.1.2 LineageOS) - Rooted
  • LG Volt LS740 (Custom 6.0.1 LineageOS) - Rooted

The top two LGs produce quite well. The next two acceptable in that order. Lastly, the Volt was a poor performer (much work needed to be out and did not receive much ads).

Looking at that list, the two least performing ones were the older / less capable phones with 1GB of RAM. Based on my limited experience, I would say that the better specs and never OS tends to produce better results.

I did push the app to a kindle fire 8 (latest) to see how it would perform (side loaded since the market would not allow installation). The app was clearly not designed for it, as the video ads crashed from time to time. It also felt sluggish. The account was not kept there much as it was merely a test.

Hope that helps those considering dedicated devices for earning credits with CellNuvo.

Best wishes, Shlomod!
CellNuvo definitely isn't as easy to earn as it used to be. It's still very possible to make 500 silver a day with small effort, but one has to take a different approach from the old days.

There are folks here who have recently reported making over 100 Gold per month, but I don't work that hard!

In order to make any real gold. You have to work very hard.

This is a huge turn off for new users. In order for cellnuvo to increase it's user base. They have to find a better solution.

May the wind be at your back and your journey safe.

With the :

  • Moto E 2nd Gen XT1526 (Custom 7.1.2 LineageOS) - Rooted
  • LG Volt LS740 (Custom 6.0.1 LineageOS) - Rooted

are you able to activate on the Sprint mvno's or do you have to revert to the original rom, then activate , then install custom rom?
I have experimented in the past with many custom rom's, but that inability to activate/swap easily was always a pain in the you know what. I ask about those two models specifically because I own quite a few of those (I can give Chelle good competition as far as owning more devices than necessary ).

Good question. The Volt has only been under FreedomPop as a data only device since it sucks for VOIP calls.

The Moto was originally a FreedomPop device and then was switched to Tello all while being rooted and having the custom ROM on it.

It provisioned fine while having the custom ROM which honestly was unexpected. I do keep a backup of the original stock ROM for all devices I root just in case.

That Moto has been great despite being so old. It runs like a champ. Too bad it does not have a removable battery.

I think the problem with changing service providers on a custom ROM is that custom ROMs have an issue with a PRL Update.