Good phone apps to purchase on Google play store

Good phone apps to purchase on Google play store

What apps or pro versions you recommend to purchase?

I got Google opinions credits burning a whole is my pocket (phone)

Don't want credits to just expire


PS Maybe a paid app list?

Sorry Lexus, I don't have any recommendations for you -- the cheapskate that I am, I've only ever searched for free apps on the Play store!

As such you never used Google opinions for free Google credits?

Nope, never used Google Opinions. I seem to recall reading (on this forum) that the payout was pretty low?

Yes but added up quick.

Hungry ghost was the one to tell me about them originally

Solid explorer pro. Nice file manager

App cloner so you can clone and run multiple instances of an app with separate log ins eg two facebook log ins.

Screen balance to color correct a couple if phone screens

I've heard filmic pro is decent app if you want better video recording. Expensive though.

Nova Launcher prime

Bx actions pro to remap my bixby button.

Alfred premium for a nice security camera app. Came in handy a few times before I bought wyze cams.

I also bought tiny cam pro so I could see all my wyze cams in one app and do some other extra things with the cheap wyze cams.

Bought Tasker but never got round to learning how it works.

You can use your credit for google one storage as well if you need cloud storage.

I've "purchased" the following apps which I would recommend:
*Domino Dot Counter (simple app to quickly score a Dominoes game)
*Solid Explorer Pro (Still have ES File Explorer Pro as my personal APK backup being Google pulled the company's software and with good reasons)
*Nova Launcher
*Osmos (Game) - Absorption is the free clone or version
*Human Anatomy Atlas
*IP Camviewer
*TinyCam Pro
*Titanium Backup Pro
*Speedtest (figured I use it frequently enough to justify the removal of ads)
*Helium premium
*Docs to Go full edition (for me spreadsheets works better / easier for some reason than the native Google apps).

There are likely many more I forgot that I decided to support or "purchase" based on use and experience with the app.

I also do the Google Opinions rewards. I hate losing them too so, buy just about every free app I use to help developers make bit of $. But I try to do it via the app store so it goes into Family Library. That way my family also gets to use it if they want. I rarely do in app purchase.

Also, I'm pretty sure I've used my credits to purchase songs, for sure to rent movie & for season ending TV show I missed recording. Also, bought Google One subscription even tho I really don't need it.

Some apps I've bought tho I'm sure my needs are different than yours:
Transparent Clock & Weather Pro
Hi-Q MP3 Recorder -- needed good recorder with level boost so I can record those coyote's howling way off in background. lol
Power Toggles -- my Samsung & Moto phones didn't have the quick toggles I wanted in the pull down like flashlight or screen timeout & this allows me to really customize that.
Scanner Radio Pro
GSam Battery Monitor
GPS Waypoints Navigator - I mostly got this because I wanted compass that actually worked since my old phone didn't have one. Plus I wanted to know the altitude where I was at the time. Great for fall leaf peeping to know what altitude peak color is at since where I live I can travel & it goes from 600' to 6000'. It has trail recorder which would've been handy when I was trying to find or refind that waterfall I visited off beaten path. It didn't have it at the time I bought it many many years ago.

I'm sure there's others but can't think of them right now.

ES File Manager -- @tech-stitch what's the reason Google pulled it? You said for good reason. I haven't really kept up with it. I might need to check out that app you mentioned. I do like ES File Manager tho I don't use it as much as I used too.

How? I have an ongoing Google One subscription as well as a credit sitting in my Play account. It doesn't seem to draw the fee from the credit.

I also loved the way ES File Explorer worked for me. In summary, "it was removed from the Google Play Store for committing advertisement fraud." It is a sad story.

Just an observation that by the time it was removed from the Play Store, it was several owners removed from the original developer, and was owned by a company that had nearly all of their apps delisted. It's got to be a little hard for a developer to see his/her well-respected app treated that way.

Of the other file explorer apps mentioned, can any of them extract APKs?

ES file explorer does work on Moto e4

I liked it since you can go deep into folders. That basic explorer's. Do not show

For those of you who like to check out the messages your car has for you via the OBD2 port using a very inexpensive adapter, you could buy Torque Pro app to interface with the adapter. Chelle recommended this app some time ago. The app works quite well.

In my opinion, this is / was the best file manager for my needs based on features. I am glad I saved the APK I had download from the play store prior to it's removal, as this has allowed me to continue to use it when needed. Solid Explorer Pro is a good replacement but I am still finding myself wanting to go back to ES.

Maybe one day, someone else will take it over (purchase it from the company involved in that mess) and can continue the development of that great app.

Thanks. Glad it wasn't something more concerning like malware or keylogger or something.

I'm going to continue using it then since I like all it's capabilities, it just has everything I want or need in File Manager.

I have a couple of the older APK's if anyone needs them. I have an app that automatically saves the APK before it upgrades/updates it which I do for all my fav apps. Been burned too many times with something changing for worse or not working right so now just back them up first.

Sorry I don't remember exactly how I did it. Seems I simply choose to upgrade to Google One & when given option how to pay was able to use Play credits. Not sure if I had to choose Google Wallet first or not. It's been a while since I bought it.

Just checked Wallet (now Google Pay) & do see Play Balance as listed payment type, so that might be what I had to do.

Edit: in Google Pay under Subscriptions it shows Google One, choose Manage & it shows how it's being paid & ability to change payment method so you might be able to go that route.

Edit 2 - looking around the Google Pay site (on laptop) it has History which shows I did buy both Movie & Music using my Google Play balance so that answers that question.

That's a useful app! Which one is it? And I hope it's a free app :slight_smile: TIA.

Which app cloner?

Re ES File Explorer, I believe it's like many apps. If an app becomes a market leader another company might buy it from the developer, then the developer doesn't need to get a real job he can just start working on the next big thing.

It wound up being owned by Cheetah Mobile which is a company that's basically been panned by everyone. You can get the good old version(s) from XDA Labs or sites like apkmirror. Also if you search on XDA I believe there's a consensus pick for the file manager most experts recommend that would be similar to the old ES but more modern.