Gone Bananas

Maybe the Art world has.
I reckon by taping the Banana peel(s) back on the wall the piece of Art could still be sold for $60,000. The duct tape is worth that much alone. I wonder if this type of Art sale is a good way to launder money?:dry:

Read this yesterday and still scratching my head!

Someone actually sold and someone actually purchased this. I thought maybe the banana had been dipped in something to preserve it or had some type of “special” feature.

It’s literally just a banana taped to a wall! What’s missing in this story???

I wonder if Tom will get a new venture idea from this...lol!

'Art' for people living lives of leisure who are bored & have loads of $$$$$ to throw around for fun ?!?

And speaking of throwing stuff around...and 'art':
Long ago I had an IT client with an office above her 2 stall garage for her financial work, but her garage was totally spattered with all different colours of paint.

When asked about it, she explained that when she was getting over her substance abuse problems she tended to throw & break things alot, which became yet another problem, so she had to find something she could throw with an opposite effect - which then became a 'hobby' of throwing paint.

She also got the idea from someone to make 'art' of it - so she'd hang a large canvas in the garage & go nuts throwing paints at it...soon she had a small collection of these messterpieces, and it was suggested by her friend that she was now an artist - so why not sell it to make room for more - so she staged an opening, served wine to guests - and much to her delight - sold 'em all for incredible amounts.

In the telling of it to me way back then, she was sure to explain how funny & stupid she thought her buyers were, which I suspect would have been better to stay silent about if she wanted to keep selling her paint throwing 'works' to folks who were fine shelling out big bucks for 'em.

Hmmm....our old dog likes to make 'snow angels' & I wonder if I coloured those & took photos of 'em, would the same sorts of folks buy those too ?!?

Perhaps Tom could tape one of those promised CellNuvo hats to an exhibition wall. Did anyone ever get one of those?

Tom: "PS - we are getting our new CellNUVO baseball hats in on Wednesday. You all figure out something fun you want to do to have me send you one."


Sounds like a colorful person, but not nearly as talented as Jackson Pollock.

Well, I for one am not surprised at the astronomical price that this "art" sold for, since as we all know, for fine art collectors and regular folks alike, bananas have a peel. :slight_smile:

Ummmm...the hat story...
Yes, he did send me one - and it had 2 very prominent features:
A - CN adverts embroidered into it (of course);
2 - An overly powerful velcro adjustment band that was excellent for tearing one's hair right out !!

Item the 1st was muted once CN had failed/cheated with black permanent marker until almost gone;
adding some 'loop' velcro on top of the nastily exposed 'hook' section also muted the hair tearing out feature.

Aside of that it is a very well made hat - better than the cheapo one I was using to keep the hair from blowing into my eyes when driving with windows open, so it does actually get used.
(Thankfully nobody has ever asked about the blacked out lettering on it.)

I received a hat too but it was promptly given to goodwill. I wonder if someone random is walking around with it right now.

Didn't think about blacking out the logo. :lol: