Gold for phones

Anyone know how to buy a new phone with gold?

they will tell you soon.

i want a blu dual sim phone.

Indeed. CN, as always, will reveal their plans, including how to buy a new phone with gold, soon. Maybe even very soon.

I'm not holding my breath on this one.
Hungry-Hog, do you have a particular BLU in mind? I have one of the lower end models.

I'm no expert on the matter, but I believe several major cities in the US have what are, for want of a better phrase, called diamond districts, where one can go and haggle with diamond and gold traders who will buy your gold for cash, and perhaps will even swap your gold for a barely used iphone. I know, at least, downtown Los Angeles has such a district, where I once went to discover the value of some gold I had.

I want a dual SIM phone and it is said that blu offers the cheapest one. So I guess that is what I should go after, other than this I have no idea.

If the purpose of dual sim is to use freedompop (data ) + another sim (voice /sms ), and buy blu phone , then you have only one choice of "another sim ": lycamobile -- just fyi .

It’ll take a while before CN works out all the llogistic of all features they plan to offer. Black Friday is good time to find great deals on phones such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart etc

thank you! could i just use two freedompop lte sims in the same blu dual sim phone?

Retail price under 80 blu phones are very unlikely support lte , i.e , they are hspa+ only.

For lte models , you can use any one slot for lte/data use. You can manually switch back and forth .

Thank you. Then I cannot afford it.

The blu R2 LTE is $110 new. If you go used then you could find one for less eg the Blu R1 HD. Both are LTE.

any phone over 30 bucks is too expensive.

I use 2 FP LTE SIMs in a BLU R1 HD w/ Amzn ads. It was $59.99 back in April.

Here is a link to a GearBest deal, a Chinese vendor, who sells some dual sim phones for under $30, though the current listing is out of stock. But you can probably find another Chinese vendor with a similar offer. By the way, I find GearBest to be a trustworthy seller.

That was only for Prime members, and comes with ad.
And I bet if one SIM uses Freedompop, another cannot be used with any AT&T MVNOs

Lycamobile is a T-Mobile MVNO? What would make the Lycamobile functionally different than any other T-Mo MVNO?

I have a cheap BLU-- cost me about $45. It's 3G/HSPA only, as all of the less expensive BLUs are. But, the Freedompop LTE SIM also works on 3G/HSPA, so it works just fine in a BLU 3G device . The native hotspot works, too-- which likely will not if you use a GoPhone. Mine is currently loaded with an LTE SIM (AT&T), and a FP Global SIM (still 3G T-Mobile in my area.)

I've had it loaded before with an AT&T MVNO SIM & the FreedomPop SIM. You do have to manually switch SIM settings when you want to use data, and it disables the cellular connection on the AT&T SIM when doing that. Still worth it if I needed to use data, since I would just check voicemail when switching back.

Dual sim is also good for having a domestic sim in one slot and an international sim in the other. Use H2O/AT&T pay as you go in one slot of a dual sim phone and a Piranha Mobile sim prepaid card in the other. Blackview phone that is dual LTE capable although I normally run it as dual 3g voice/text and feed in data via mifi or wifi routers.

Used to have a Blu android dual sim phone but it's outdated now (was android 2.something and only 3g). They have some nice dual sim phones that have the added advantage of a US sales office in Florida and FCC approvals.

Did you really try any blu phone can work with Freedompop for data + Truphone(or H2O) for voice?
I believe no any Blu phone can do that since 2017, even "high end" $150 blu phone.
Search 4G+3G standby, you know what I am talking about.

Unless you want tp manually switch SIM every time when you use data. But if so, any single SIM phone can do the job with a few dollar SIM adapter.