Glitter Stink Bomb Packages

I suppose this is a good way to make use of surplus phones. The not so sweet smell of revenge, one might say. I wonder if the glitter bomber might be held liable if one of the crooks happened to open the stolen package while driving and got in an accident as a result of being distracted. Also, I think about 6 cans of flatulent spray would have been sufficient to get a nice video of the crook's reaction. I wonder if the crooks will be dissuaded from a life of crime by their encounter with the glitter bombs. As an aside, the NASA guy certainly has an OCD clean work space.

Clever man. Great invention too.
I wonder if it will now be mass-produced & sold in several varieties (flourescent dye, fart, skunk, etc...) to help folks with chronic package theft problems ??

I remember in highschool. We took one if those class trips to somewhere and a classmate friend took a can of fart spray and sprayed in the school bus. It smelled so bad half the class had there head out the windows. That stuff works very well. That guys car smelled for hours.

Mass produced appears to a good possibility, and perhaps the creator of the device had that in mind when he spent much time working on the project. He could sell them via Amazon, who would welcome him with open arms, and when consumers received their Amazon packages, they could just leave them on the porch and wait for a signal from NASA man, and then download a video from his site documenting the theft of their package and its aftermath.