Gereral mobile?

Who are they? They seem to be Sprint only??

Price seems good. $9. 300 talk, unlimited text, 1 gig

Hmm... looking at the Gen Mobile website, the plan you described is listed as $10 a month:
( No-Contract Service Plans ) Do you happen to have a link showing the $9 price?

You can learn more about the company here: Gen Mobile In 2022: What You Need To Know - BestMVNO

If being on Sprint isn't a problem, you can get the same plan on Tello for only $8 a month, and Tello's customer service is fantastic.

Thanks for the link, D_D !
I searched for "General Mobile", and kept landing on a provider of mobile devices in Turkey. (Good for my language lesson of the day, though!)

The $9/mo plan requires purchasing a 3-month plan. (Discount for purchasing multiple months.)

I got the same page, written in Turkish, when I Googled it, too! Finally tried the link on the Prepaid Compare website and got to their no-translation-required home page (thank you, Dennis).

However, I didn't look at all the tabs on the "plans" page, so I missed the 3-month discount. Thanks for the redirect.

One more thing to consider: We know that Tello's customer service is exemplary, but I don't have any idea how good it would be with Gen Mobile. Since they both run on Sprint only (no roaming), and Tello is cheaper even without a multi-month discount, I don't see any compelling reason to switch from Tello... but of course, as always, YMMV.