General Question/Suggestions Thread for Newbies

PSA: If there is already a thread like this that was created before, simply PM me to let me know and I will delete and repost my question in the right thread. I simply didn't see one when I searched before creating this, however I could have missed it.

So I JUST started doing CellNUVO, out of curiosity. Yeah I know, I am really late to this specific frugal train. I know there are many specific question threads for multiple different developments with the company, IE now phone installment payment option, however I figured it would be a good place to start a generic Question thread for people like myself who may started at a later time.

To give an idea of where I am at in this game, I recently totaled 23 gold and now looking to pay a future ATT bill. I already set up the process of sending the money over to ATT, and I took a picture of the confirmation order. However, I do not see it under my recent bills nor has my gold decreased since the purchase. Could I have done something wrong or does it simply take time over a specific number of business days?

Email cellnuvo support for help

You don't get a confirmation until they have completed the payment. Gold won't be deducted until then too. It should take up to 48 hours but if it takes longer then send them an email and they are usually pretty quick about sorting it out.

As a matter of interest how long did it take you to earn that gold? Did you find it easy to earn?

Oh, whoops I did just send an email minutes before you replied... hopefully I didn't just make someones day worse by having them receive a question they get asked a billion times.

It wasn't too bad once I understood the value of everything, for example I stopped doing quick silver so often once I calculated 1 silver as only 10 percent of a penny. Generally CellNUVO, is not easy work, but not intensive labor either. I will say though that if they take away those infrequent high payout ACTUAL free trials, (aka not the ones that require to actually buy something or give a dollar away) I would probably stop CellNUVO. That's just my level of frugality though.

Don't worry about it. They usually take a day or two to answer and by then it will either be done or they will need to take a look at it anyway. Cellnuvo should really provide more instructions/info anyway. It shouldn't be hard to show the payment in the app as pending.

Most of us seem to do the quick silver and ignore the free trials and things. The quick silver adds up pretty quickly when the ads are pretty regular and the ads are 15-30 silver each. Right now there are a lot of ads. Most of us seem to watch tv or movies or other activities whilst we swipe.

sovashadow: newbie or not, I think you might have some useful tips for those of us who have been active with CN longer about the "super silver" options you've found worthwhile. I've pretty much avoided them entirely, and only done 'quick' silver. I would appreciate your advice on what to look for in super silver offers!

If you and others are interested, what I can do is create a separate thread as a master list of worthwhile "Super Silver" offers, to save some the pain of looking through at least 80% non-decent ones.

Gopher it.

Agreed! The more silvers and golds we can squirrel away, the better.

Could use help with the swipe left surveys and offers. Loooowww success rate

Ok ill get started writing that guide sometime this week life permitting. hopefully i can start tommorrow but no promises :slight_smile:

That would be a terrific gift to all of us fellow CN swipers. Thank you!

CN REP:"Also, AT&T now requires a passcode to process payment through the automated system. Would you be able to provide that? If we do not have the passcode, I can process the payment through a rep but a $5 charge is added to your next month's bill."

Question:Do they need my AT&T password or is there a separate code that they need? I would just feel a little uncomfortable giving my account password to a stranger. Any follow-up would be appreciated

FYI: "Super Gold" guide will be made by the end of Saturday

It is the 4 digit pin that is used as an identifier when you call in or chat etc. It is not the login password used when logging in to account. I spoke with an AT&T chat agent and learned that giving out the passcode may be a bad idea since they could make purchases with that info. If you somewhat trust CN you could change your passcode then let CN make payment and then change passcode back, but just beware of the potential problems with them having the info for a short while may be harmful. It may be better to let them take another 5 gold from the account.