"General Magic" of Silicon Valley

Looks to be an interesting historical documentary. Fascinating that Andy Rubin invented Android, yet he hasn't had great success in launching the Essential phone, nor the much earlier "Pocket Crystal" or "Sony MagicLink Personal Intelligent Communicator" phone.

"The film does well to show that the talent assembled at General Magic seems truly staggering in retrospect. Atkinson had written a lot of the original Mac code and invented MacPaint. Fadell went on to help invent the iPod and founded Nest. Megan Smith became a VP at Google, which feels ho-hum compared to the fact she became the first Chief Technology Office for the United States under President Barack Obama. Kevin Lynch created Adobe Dreamweaver and later served as lead engineer on the Apple Watch, Andy Hertzfeld started Google Circles (which lead to, lol, Google+); Andy Rubin invented Android. All of them worked for General Magic during this early '90s period. Even low-level employees like Pierre Omidyar would eventually become "eBay founder Pierre Omidyar" years later."

Sorry, audio on Q&A video is not so hot.