Galloping Sprint

Well I'll be a blue-nosed gopher!

Who woulda thunk that Sprint would ever run a close second to Verizon? Wonders never cease.

So that is what a gopher listens to while gophering.
I guess Sprint speeds in real life situations are much better than the speeds I get sitting at home looking a the cell tower atop the small mountain two miles away.

That must be frustrating, being able to see the tower but still getting slow speeds. Maybe the blue-nosed gophers are hogging all the bandwidth. (Or maybe given your location and situation, Sprint is truly over the hill. :))

Looking at that tower, I am wondering if it is being fed via microwave backbone...

Having line of sight is great, but remember, user experience is dependent on 1) backhaul, 2) other users, and 3) your signal strength.

With my 1 year free (1st gen), I am happy with the speeds most of the time despite it being lowest for the tower priority... :slight_smile:

Well, I'm certainly not alone when it comes to slow Sprint speeds, but in my case, the close cell phone tower is on what is called Copper Mountain, and so perhaps copper interference is slowing down speeds, which is ironic in that copper worked well for the old landlines. I went to town today and got 10mbps down and 4mbps up with Sprint.