Fuzzy Logic (forked from other thread...)

This stuff strikes me as being worthy of its very own thread, so here we go...:

I'll add to the above thusly=>
For a short while my partner had a Toyota Matrix.
It was a very cute looking little car, but that was all it had to redeem it.
On dry pavement, with new/good tires - its brake system was so poorly made that upon exiting the interstate highway, when approaching the stop sign at well under 20MPH it could not stop until the middle of the perpendicular roadway - and was far worse on wet pavement.
That car was simply too dangerous to keep & would have cost a fortune to make right - so it was disposed of.

If that was an example of fuzzy logic used in a car's braking system - I can happily do without any more of that, thanks.

As to a washing machine that delivers "filthy, grimy, destroyed clothes" - it might be better to pound out the dirt on river rocks than to use such high tech nonsense !!

HI EZ, "it might be better to pound out the dirt on river rocks than to use such high tech nonsense !!
Been There Done That!!!
A washing machine is a technical modern invention I absolutely love!!!!!!! We did without for almost 20 years Scrubbing clothes in the river is fine.
It's getting them to the river and back and wringing and rinsing and ringing and rinsing is a PITA.. We consider ourselves fortunate every time we use a regular top loader!!!!!!!
Modern life does have it's blessings. ( smile)

Hi Als.
That is all so true !!

We are blessed with a wonderful not-so-modern front loader (it has knobs - YAY !!) that came our way via CL for a nicely low price when its folks got a fancy newer model with all the 'digital' nonsense.

Just being able to do the washing at home is such a wonderful thing !!!
Memories of having to use laundromats with all the unknown dirt sitting inside their machines which might or might not work well a'tall can stay just that way - MEMORIES !!!!!!!