Fully-funded Undergraduate Education Universities?

I have heard that if your annual household income is less than $10,000 a year, some universities let you go to school for free. No need to apply for student loans. Those universities fully fund your undergraduate education.

Anyone know which universities do this at the undergraduate level?


"If" one is an exceptional high school student, some of the best universities in the US and the world provide free rides for low income students. There are likely some lesser known colleges as well, but they also likely provide free education for only exceptional and promising students of which there are many.

Depending on the state, one can attend a community college with free tuition.

As above, Ivy league schools with huge endowments do that. Harvard, MIT, Yales, etc

My main tip would be to apply to colleges at or below the ability level of the applicant. Ability level would be indicated by GPA and standardized test scores as well as extra curriculars (colleges will take into account circumstances which may affect all of these).

Colleges have a lot of money to give and want to give to those most in need as well as to those with ability and potential.

For low income households, application and standardized test fees are waived, so the prospective student should apply to as many colleges as possible with the bulk being at or below their ability level. To save time, they should use one or both of the standard application websites known as the Common App and the Coalition App.

I was accepted to Berea College in KY back in the day. No tuition.