FreeUp Service down??

For about the past hour both of my FU accounts have no calling, data or network connection at all. I looked at the AT&T down map for my area, fwiw, and it does indicate outages in some areas of California. So, just wondering if anyone else has lost service with FU?

My FU phone is powered off and I don't have the phone on me to test, but I was able to call number and access voicemail. I also checked FU online dashboard and everything looks OK. Premium Cell Phone Plans with 4G LTE Nationwide Service | FreeUp Mobile

Maybe it's just a local outage.
Just checked my FreeUP phone and it's working fine.

Hope yours is back up and running again soon!

Checked AT&T down reports for my area and there are hundreds in the past hour or so. Thus it's a local problem it seems. Sorry, should have checked local reports, to begin with.

Wow -- from that post, it looks like the Blood Moon eclipse messed up your local AT&T towers! :slight_smile: Seriously, here's hoping that your service has been restored and you are enjoying your free FreeUP service once again.

I call the red splotch the heart of darkness, which fortunately disappeared this morning when service was restored. The outage may have been caused by a misguided missile launched from the local Marine Corps base which took down an AT&T tower.:ohmy: