FreedomPop suspensions for no phone calls

So I happened to read some stories from back in July where FreedomPop had decided to suspend GSM (LTE only?) sims which hadn't had a phone call made.

My 6 global sims are mostly unused and I've used them all to donate since July. My LTE sims are used but never for phone calls.

I've logged into every account and nothing is suspended.

Has anybody had a suspension for not making voice calls?

It's an interesting policy change seeing that they offered data only sims.

I have had a GSM sim for a year and it was never even been placed in a device. It has not been suspended but the $0.01 fee was charged this month. Given this outrageous price gouging for a service I do not use, I think I will cancel the account.:slight_smile:

I'm not sure if they suspend. My lines do go to sleep and I need to log in and wake them up now and then.

You're right. It's sleep not suspend.

So maybe because I used to log in once a month to donate data, I have woken up the accounts.

But going forward, I won't be logging in because I can't donate data anymore.

One of my LTE sims went to sleep. I woke it up and the number was gone. I've had it fall asleep several times before but this is the first time the number has been removed. I tried to get a new number and the closest area code is 600+ miles away.

I was going to use it to port in somewhere else for one of the free year or $1 a year deals. Just my luck.

That stinks.

My SIMs all have great, easy to remember numbers on them. I'd hate to lose even one.

Yes and you are in the same state as me so you'll end up with one in delaware or oregon or somewhere else miles away.

My situation is just the opposite. I ported 3 numbers to Sprint and Virgin Mobile and I can still see these numbers in my FP accounts. If I login to FP app I can still call out with those numbers. I will wait a year to see if they are still there.

Since you won't be able to receive incoming calls and the outgoing calls will continue to use VOIP I suspect that you'll retain the ability to use those numbers indefinitely.