FreedomPop Offers

The fantastic website has some offers to earn additional MB.

The most generous one is 5-30 minutes to earn 224MB for a survey.

According to mmfacemm, 224MB is worth $4.48.

So if you can do this in 30 minutes, you've earned $8.96 per hour equivalent. That's 224% better than the very generously calculated $4 per hour CellNUVO earning rate.

If you can do the survey in 5 minutes, that's $53.76 per hour.

I tried Freedompop, and for me it wasn't worth the free cost. I use my phone for calling and their voip to me was worthless. I am glad it works for you and others, they seem to be going through changes and I wonder how long they will be free.

If the time spent on a FreedomPop offer got me 224 true cellular minutes instead of additional data, it would probably be worth my time. If it provided true cellular minutes plus the voicemail service I need to go along with it, it would definitely be worth my time.

In fairness: I recognize that some have different needs, and different criteria. If I didn't already have more free data than I use, or if VoIP was reliable enough for me, this would probably be worth my time, too. (And the free data I have is from FreedomPop, and I'm glad I have it.)

For the average single sim user who just lost 500mb a month, these offers could well be attractive.

More savvy users are unlikely to swap time for MB when they could just swap sims instead.

True enough, except that the 'average single sim user' probably didn't lose 500mb a month, since that loss is almost always from data-sharing. Those who lost 500 mb were either multi-SIM owners sharing with themselves, or were part of the relatively rare groups that were actually formed to share data among different people instead of between different accounts. (And only the latter actually 'lost' the data-- the former just lost the ability to shift it to the preferred device.)

I've been part of groups of "FreedomPop Strangers", and there is seldom any significant data sharing going on there. I've also been part of true "FreedomPop Friends" groups that did share data between individuals. I don't think it's common, though.

I do agree that the offer is attractive for a single-SIM user, or even a multi-SIM user who needs extra data.

Excuse me - don't say I said something that I never said.

By the way similar offers are available on cellnuvo - probably from the same companies!

You said that 1 gold is worth $1.

1 gold = 50mb

224mb = $4.48.

Stop trying to dance with me.

Saying 1 gold at cellnuvo = $1 in redpocket service is a far cry from saying 224mb at freedompop = $4.48. I ask you to take down that misrepresentation of what I said. Freedompop data is worth $0 to me. I've said in the past that I would never pay for freedompop. So a more accurate representation is that according to mmfacemm 224mb = $0.

If you wish to elude to the fact that you are using your own personal train of logic to extrapolate from me saying 1 gold = $1 in cellnuvo service that is fine. But don't intentionally misrepresent me for your own personal agenda.

One could also use freedompop's own rates to figure out how much you earn by doing their offers.

FreedomPop's mb overage rate is 2.5c per mb. 224mb would cost $5.60 (vs $4.48 at CellNUVO rates so pretty similar).

So if you earned the 224mb in half an hour, you would have earned $11.20 per hour at freedompop rates.

That's 280% better than the CellNUVO earning rate.

You can just get/use another sim for more free data. These surveys are a complete waste of time when you can get the same extra data for free. No value whatsoever in doing offers and surveys at freedompop.

And that, in a nutshell, is a great explanation of the problem FreedomPop faces in trying to turn users into paying customers. By the overage rate, the offer is worth $5.60 in rewards. By their SIM pricing, the offer is worth nothing.

I'm not slamming FreedomPop here: I've indicated previously that I'd be willing to pay for what FP gives away for free. It doesn't appear that a lot of folks share that thought.

That is why Freedompop is making changes, Slickdealers can kill a company if the company can't close loopholes fast enough.

If a business was a software program, SlickDealers would be the hackers. :evil:

(more true than you think with some saying blockchains could BE the backend/programming of business...)

FreedomPop and their free marketing via slickdeals have been around for a long time.

It is interesting that as soon as they left Sprint, they appear to have hit their subscriber target very quickly, necessitating the next phase of their business plan.

Now that CellNUVO are off Sprint, maybe they can do something similar. But they don't appear to have any sort of plan.

Has FreedomPop left Sprint? My FreedomPop/Sprint devices all still work fine. Seems more like they 'added AT&T', and are now a multi-carrier MVNO.

I haven't figured out what the next phase of their business plan is, or why they would continue to offer $0.01 SIMs if they've hit their target number.

Well they added the UK's "3" before AT&T, but I thought I'd leave a bone for you so thanks for biting.

As to understanding their business plan, I'm sure you'll get there in the end.