FreedomPop Friends - Bonus data has been reduced

Apparently, you can now receive only a maximum of 500MB of data from your Freedom friends network. This maximum includes the automatic 50MB/month per friend AND any shared (donated) data between friends. Now, the total amount of data you can receive from you Freedom Friend network is 500MB per month (either automatic OR shared). This means the maximum bonus data has been cut in half, compared to the previous limit of 1GB (500MB automatic + 500MB shared).

Yes we have been discussing in the main freedompop thread but it deserves its own thread really.

Ah, sorry. Apparently, I read other websites more closely than my own! :smiley:

That might make one wonder how the posters on this website are perceived.:frowning:

freedompop has run out of money again?

If that thread listing the phones/service plans you all own is any indication, I'd say "neurotic" would an appropriate word to use! :silly: J/k. My general perception is that you folks are (usually) well-enough behaved to not require oversight!

Is this true? Auto stop is at 20mb for the SIMs?

Didn't know that. Always assumed it stopped at 600mb

I believe I have seen the 20mb auto-refill trigger point on the GSM SIMs mentioned by FreedomPop reps.

My assumption is that AT&T monitors and reports data in essentially real time, and has the capability of registering data use within an active data section, and presumably terminating an active data session..

Sprint reports data usage in delay, and seems to not report data usage until the end of a data session (and thus cannot terminate a data session that starts with an available allotment)-- so a larger safety factor is necessary. It's also been noted by FPop in official statements that even having auto-refill off will not 100% prevent data overage charges (presumably primarily in regards to Sprint lines). We have heard the same information from Tello.

One of my kids used 603MB out of 700MB on their LTE SIM.

I logged in and it was ok but I gifted 20MB to the account.

Then a few days later, it was suspended. I lifted the suspension online pretty easily. I had already swapped the sim so there was no effective interruption in service.

I've always set my Nexus to stop using data at 200MB below the limit. The strange thing is that these days 500MB is enough for me although I have several spare sims if it isn't. Ever since I made Google maps offline, my usage has gone down and I'm also seeing more Xfinity hotspots (thanks Xfinity!).

This effectively means sharing data is useless at this point, since we can easily get 500 MB automatically every month by having 10+ friends.

I only use GSM. All this means to me is that I have less flexibility shifting data around among the multiple accounts I own and may force me to carry multiple SIMs with me on longer trips. I might want to purchase a few more for cheap on a new account.

I've ordered a dual sim adapter from ebay.

I received one a while ago but it was partly broken and unusable. I was able to verify that it worked though.

I don't believe it will work with both the Xfinity sim and a freedompop sim. The problem is that Xfinity uses CDMA.

But I'll try it nonetheless.

So in this new scenario, is there any negative to having a sub-account (2nd sim off the same email)?

The only negative I can think of is temporary.

When you add ten friends they immediately add data to the primary device but the sub devices don't get friends data added until the following month.

So many changes at freedompop. Maybe close to getting rid of free it seems.

I don't think they'll ever get rid of free service, because that's how they built their business.

I think they're trying to make paid service attractive enough, for the free users, to get some percentage of them to part with a few bucks, each month.

I get enough benefit, from FreedomPop, that I'd be willing to pay a few bucks per month for each of the devices that I use the most.

There are things FreedomPop is good at, but in my view enticing current free customers to become paying customers is not one of them.

Case in point: the recent $49 annual plan looked attractive to me-- I don't need the extra data if offered, but I seriously considered signing up for it anyway, on the basis that it would be easier than using a different account if I needed a little more data some month, and the pricing was reasonable for just the extra data. (Below market rates.) And I'd be paying a little 'freight' to balance out the free service I've enjoyed.
But.... it was only available for a new line, with around a $15 buy-in for a new SIM and shipping. The $49 annual cost made sense to me, but the $15 buy-in kept me away from the offer. (And it was really the $10 shipping cost for the SIM......)

I was hoping they would extend the offer as an upgrade plan to current accounts, but instead the offer for new accounts seems to have gone away, too.

The current special on the 99c SIM is a trial of a 6-month paid data upgrade, and a trial of a 6-month discounted payment for premium services package. Again, I'd be tempted to add the 6-month discounted premium services package to an existing account, but for some reason resist the need to set up another account to get it. It seems to me it would be smarter, and more profitable, for FP to convert free accounts to paid accounts than it would be to entice people to get a new paid account & keep the existing free account. FP seems to have a different view, which probably implies that growth of the account base may influence such marketing decisions.