Freedompop Data Pack offer

This one has me thinking......
Some FP users are seeing a randomly timed popup (possibly tied to use of the FP messaging app) for a Data Pack offer--a chance to prepurchase a block of data.

Two offers: 5GB for $20, and 10GB for $40. At $4/GB, that's a pretty attractive price.
It's the way the offer is configured that makes it more interesting......

The $40 data pack is credited to your account as top-up credit, so it doesn't expire. Use it when you need it.

The $50 annual plan SIM 1GB /month offer has looked tempting to me: around the same $4/GB, but no rollover. (It's essentially the same amount of total data, too, if you add in the 2.4GB , or 200mb/mo that is included with the basic free LTE SIM.)

Since the data pack is credited to the account as top-up credit (about $200 worth), it also should allow you to downgrade a new basic-SIM-with-trials without paying the additional downgrade "ransom" fee.

Note: I haven't tried this to confirm that the purchase will allow a downgrade to the basic free plan without additional funds-- but on paper, it should.

Pros/Cons of the 2 extra-data routes..
The annual plan does not require a CC on file, and is renewable at the same rate. MMS and Voicemail are included. No rollover, though.

The Data Pack stacks on stop of a standard SIM (or Sprint device, presumably), and there is no promise of additional purchase at the same rate. No MMS or Voicemail unless you pay additionally. Data Pack data rolls over indefinitely until used.

On the FP forum, a rep provided a direct link to the $40 data pack, so that you don't have to watch for the pop-up.

[EDIT TO UPDATE: the link just above no longer works. The thread in the FreedomPop forum has also been moderated to remove the mention of the link. As mentioned in post 3 below, I have no idea if the random popup offer is still available or not. Be aware, however, that if you see the popup and click on something like "get offer", you will immediately make the purchase rather than going to a page with more info about the offer.]

In another thread, the rep offered a link to the $20 Data Pack, too-- but the link seems wrong, and also goes to the $40 offer. I assume the $20 data pack is configured the same, and would be an especially attractive option to someone who has a new SIM that they need to downgrade. (Minimum $10 deposit to downgrade to the free plan, vs $20 to add top-up credit for 5 GB--- which should also allow the downgrade.)

Interesting, I tried clicking on the link but the link returns null.
I hope this is a sign of lower data prices for various MVNO's
( i'm not holding my breath)

Thanks for letting me know about the broken link, als--
It appears that Freedompop has removed the link. As a matter of fact, the replies from the FP rep (in the FP forum) containing each of the links mentioned above have been removed from the forum.

No idea whether that means that the random popup is the only way to access the offer again, or whether if means the offer itself has been removed....