Freedompop $5 deposit disappearing?

Weird... I thought I had topped up all my LTE SIM accounts with $5 and turned off auto topup. Now I am noticing an account with no trace of $5 top-up and auto-topup turned on.

You have to "reactivate" the top-up every now and then. A bit of a pain, but not a deal breaker.

I found 3 accounts without top-up. 2 of which I am certain I had topped up recently.

Hopefully this doesn't make a difference, but check If the top-up isn't there, there should be a way to reactivate the initial 5 dollars you put into the account for each.

Edit: This link is what I am talking about...

I am aware of the reactivation process.
These accounts show no initial $5 deposit at all... as if transaction erased.

Hope FP support can help on that matter then.