Freedom Friends: Add Me!

This thread is for adding new FreedomPop friends.

If you are seeking new FreedomPop friends, please post one "Add Me" comment in this thread:
[li]Include your FreedomPop email address [or][/li]
[li]Request that people private message you (recommended)[/li]
People can then add the email address you've posted, or send you a PM (via your Nth Forum profile) to request your email address.


This thread should contain only a single post for each user looking for Freedom Friends. If you are no longer looking for new friends (e.g. you've reached your max friend limit), then please delete your original post.

Note: Also, please do not try to add me (hungryghost). I'm not personally requesting friends.

Thanks everyone!

How to Add Freedom Friends

Log into your FreedomPop account and go to

From there, you can add friends by email address:

One thing my FreedomPop Friends do is to change our first name, in the account settings, to include our rollover day and the priority for receiving shared data.

So if one of my devices was called 15-1 Chelle, when you friended me, that would mean that my month rolled on the 15th and getting extra data on that device is #1 priority for me.

If it said 09-2 Chelle then it rolls on the 9th and you should only share data with that device if you have nowhere else to unload it.

The benefit to that system is that you'll never risk giving data to someone whose account will roll before they have a chance to use it.

My FP friends and I usually have so much extra data to give away that all of our devices end up having 500 MB of shared data on top of the 500 MB of friends data.

It's a great system. Please consider using it!

I set up 11 accounts and once a month, I log into 5 "donor" accounts and transfer data to the other 6.

I therefore have 6 sims with 1200mb each per month (200mb base + 500mb friends + 500mb gift).

Had I activated them on freedompop's CDMA network, the recipient phones (unlocked iPhones and Nexus) would have 1500mb each per month.

Right now, it's all become a little redundant as the wife is getting a company paid Verizon iPhone and the kids are getting in on the 1 year unlimited Virgin deal. I suddenly have 7200MB to myself every month!

Add me too please!!:slight_smile:

I want FreedomPop Friends!!:slight_smile:

PM me, and we'll exchange e-mail addresses



did anybody have experience on suspended account not able to give out shared data to freedom freinds?

I do not, but would expect that suspended accounts would not be able to gift data, since no data is available.

Just to avoid confusion, are you also aware that there is now a 500mb limit to bonus data from friends? (multiple 50mb bonuses from each friend, plus shared data, cannot exceed 500mb/month).

is that mean if I have 12 friends the max receive data =10x50=500mb. the other extra 2 friends cannot contribut anymore? Thanks

The extra 2 friends never could contribute to the bonus "friends" 50mb bonuses, which has always been limited to the first 10 friends. (Having more friends buys you a safety margin in case someone closes an account.)

By the old rule, friends could also share data 'on top of' the accumulated 50mb bonuses, up to an additional 500mb received.
Old rule:
10 x 50mb = 500mb bonus (having 100 friends would still only result in 500mb bonus data:

up to 500mb gift data
total extra data 1000mb

By the new rule, there is a total 500mb limit between the accumulated 50mb bonuses + gifted data. You can still share data, but not if the receiving account has already accumulated 500mb in "friends data"..
For example:
5 x 50mb = 250mb bonus
gifted data = 250 mb
Total extra data 500mb
(The balances can juggle, but 500mb is the most extra data you will receive per month.)

(EDIT to update: I was checking in on my FreedomPop accounts over the weekend, and I could no longer find the "Share Data" function at all-- unless something was just glitchy, it does look like data sharing/gifting my be gone entirely....... :frowning: )

thanks for clear explaination.

Please add me.

PM me to exchange email

Just a remind if you want to send email to add friends, use the new site (my...). The old site is not working.

Add me please

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looking to add friends
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