Free yourself from home broadband

With the Sprint 1 year deal, I am considering just signing everyone up on their own phone+data and canceling home broadband. Then, subscribe to internet TV and have people stream from their phones.

For the first year...

I am on the free Sprint plan, what internet tv subscription plan are you referring to. Thanks

PC Mag's got a whole list.

Yep, a year later, you are eligible for new subscriber rates, if you choose to go back to broadband.
But who knows, maybe another promo by another carrier for unlimited data on the cheap.

Good idea but do you have an idea of the overall and individual data usage? And whether anybody would run into trouble with the soft Sprint limit?

Xfinity is telling me we use up to 350GB a month. We have a 1TB limit.

I could get another 700 freedompop sims seeing they're 1c at the moment that would be $7. Would just have to swap them 23 times a day.

The unlimited deal that I have for free is only 10GB you can hotspot per device, so, wouldn't address my needs for home broadband. Not remotely close. But ymmv. I use close to 1TB bandwidth per month on home devices of various sorts.

I know you are being facetious but just so you know FP has implemented what amounts to a downgrade fee of $10.
Technically it is less but they basically charge you $10 to credit your account balance before allowing you to downgrade to the fee plan. Your total would actually be $7007 (assuming 1 cent deal with free shipping).

I checked my phone, it's not eligible for the deal. What should I do?

Buy an unlocked phone. The cheapest one is Moto E4 for a little over $100. Make sure it is factory unlocked, not unlocked Verizon prepaid version.