Free Year Porting Line Eligibility

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So I am trying to help someone get on the free sprint year plan. I have an eligible phone (Moto X Pure) however, I was wondering on the verbiage of the terms. It says that only postpaid accounts being ported into Sprint will work on this promotion. Does anyone have any data points or references where prepaid accounts work the same way? Do any other companies outside of the big 4 also work? I am hoping to purchase a cheap prepaid pay-as-you-go number and just port that into Sprint. Thank you in advance for the information.

I've used numbers from my Freedompop accounts successfully. It's unclear whether those Freedompop accounts are considered prepaid, postpaid, some sort of hybrid, all-electric, or hydrogen-fueled.

Oldbooks1 had a decent post on R+ forums analyzing the prepaidness & postpaidness of some of those plans.

Does fp charge to port out?

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Not in my case. FP let me port out. After successful porting, FP asked if I wanted a new number for the ported out account (an LTE SIM), and gave me one so I continued to use the SIM.

No charge. Prepaid is okay as long as not sprint.

I used freedompop. Good thing about freedompop is they don't close your account. You can get a new number for free too.

Same, here.

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I had almost a free year of service. Won a used galaxy s6. All for $30.

Found out about cellnuvo because of r+