Free to a good (member's) home...

Hi Again Folks.
Its been claimed already, just hours later - sorry to waste anyone's time.

Message from ~6 months ago follows...:

While I am sort of watching to see if FU even sticks around with its 'free' deal - I've gotten to the point in time when it is time to finalize the 'divorce' from tf, so:

I have an LG306G phone that is between being a full Android phone & a feature phone as it was lobotomized by tracfone to be as it is...sub-Android - but triple minutes, active, on AT&T.

To start with it was my partner's phone for all the time since the tf & fd $1 card goof-up, and she avoided using it so much that the minutes piled up on it - then another super member here offered us an orphaned -full- Android phone for her - which got put onto RP - and this one became an orphan that I've been using...unhappily.

It was kept going in the immediate time frame via 1, single, cheap fleabay 90 Day refill but that is my limit for sending ANY more $ towards tf anymore, EVER.

In just over a month it'll be close enough to renewal time that it can have a new home as I'm really ready to be done with its nasty company !!

What this means, if anyone who is a member here is interested in that:
It will have some weeks & over 1000 minutes left in it before expiration - as long as it is renewed on time (by you...) those minutes will stay & get added to - the only thing is that it does have a VT number (802) which TF can change for a price - but they most often screw things up so I do not recommend that.

Since it has no connection to a CC or anything, I would be happy to give that to a good member here - SIM card, number, minutes & all - if that would help someone out who will not somehow abuse the account that it is attached to (which I may be able to change online - no idea, really...).

One great benefit of this little phone is that it has seriously insane battery life & has never run out even after hour+ calls, its battery still shows 3/4 or more full.

This is a fine phone for someone in need, someone not disgusted with how limited this phone is, and can be OK with the fact that it cannot use apps, etc..

If anyone wants this for themself here & will respect the need for privacy in the account part, then let me know via PM so that it can get sent out in time to stay active with all its minutes for you to use.

Best Wishes to All.

That is a very kind and generous offer, @E_Z! I'd take you up on it, but my wife has threatened to send me to cell phone rehab if I get any more extra phones. :slight_smile:

Hi D_D !!
Given my usual usage of around 60 minutes/month for a while now, the 1000+ minutes left on this gadget would likely take me the rest of my natural life to use up - and refilling it every 90 days would likely keep it from going down, so...I give up - time to move on & let someone else who is a 'talker' use up that stuff.

This soooo amuses me !!

Everyone here has 'graduated' to a level above such an almost-but-not-quite smartphone !!!
(And/or also is not any fan of tf...perhaps.)

Too funny.

No smartphones here. Just bricks.

Holy cow - it's already taken - thanks folks !!

Edited OP with another offer...