FP re-enabled Automatic Top-up without my permission

Just to let you guys/gals know that FP re-enabled Automatic Top-up without my permission on a couple of my lines. I had paid the $5.00 each to have them disabled last year but somehow they just re-enabled themselves recently. I just discovered this today.

I sent messages to FP and will wait for their reply.

So just be aware of this.

By fluke. I was in the process of closing all my Global SIM accounts when I discovered this. I am learning that I must minimize risks with FP. I never know what surprise will come next :ohmy:

Oh, the lines were LTE SIM and LTE Data SIM.

Exactly. Which reminds me I need to close my accounts as well.

Somehow we need to make the distinction between plans and companies that do what they say, with no need for followup, and plans that save us a ton of money, if, you can negotiate all the pitfalls.
Ya'll are very creative and have great turns of phrase.
Can any members come up with better phrases for classifying plans than, my trite first thoughts
Cheap and easy
Cheap but high maintenance
You get what you pay for
High end
All the bells and whistles

@Michael Corleone
Thank you for relaying this information. I just checked my ATT LTE account and it doesn't seem to have changed but I will keep a watch on it.

Well, below is the reply I received from FP. I also received the exact same reply from the same person for my other line as well except with different date. Instead of 02-08-2018, it says 12-23-2017.

This is completely BS. I absolutely did not re-enable these automatic top-ups myself. I have no reasons to. I paid $5 each just to have them disabled. I've been with FP for many years so I kind of know how to navigate around them.

Anyway, hopefully mine is the isolated case and it won't happen to others.


Thank you for contacting FreedomPop Online Services. My name is Cxxxs and I will be more than happy to assist you with your concern. It is our understanding that you would like to know why the auto top up has been enabled on your account. I'll be glad to help you out.

I have verified the email address xxx@xxxxl.com and I can see that on 02-08-2018, from your online account the automatic top up got enabled, it was processed from the web site my.freedompop.com and that is why it is now On.

You must have the FreedomPop Safety Mode service to disable Top Ups, it includes:

*An additional 500MB for the remainder of your current plan cycle
*A 10% boost on your plan data every plan cycle
*Disable Automatic Top-up at any time without the $15 credit application
*Never pay for an overage when Automatic Top-up is disabled
*Control you data speeds whenever and wherever you are

This is at a rate of $4.99 per month and it is a really good deal if you want to keep control of the overage in your account.

If you wish to disable auto top up after logging into your account please do the following:

Step 1: Log into your account at my.freedompop.com and click on Manage Settings.
Step 2: From here, click on the Credit Balance section.
Step 3: Use the toggle to disable the Top Up feature.
Step 4: You will encounter a pop up for the Safety Mode service, if it is not already added to your account.
Click Activate to enroll in the Safety Mode service. You will incur the $4.99 charge for this service, at this time.

As a valued FreedomPop customer, we hope that we have addressed all concerns. However, should you need additional assistance, please feel free to respond to this incident and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please also be sure to visit our online Self-Help Knowledge Base at support.freedompop.com and our FreedomPop Communities at forums.freedompop.com/ .

Best Regards,

Your personal Online Service Agent[/b]