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A guy I met on the train this morning knew a great deal about Karl, RingPlus, FreedomPop and stuff. His knowledge was quite impressive. We spent a lot of time talking about Karl and RingPlus. However, one thing he said caused me concern. He said that the "FP messaging app is iffy and a little dangerous". I asked him if it was the call quality that was iffy. He said, "No no that's not it. It's not the call quality". Before I could ask more, he had to get off at his station. Did he mean the app dumps something on your smartphone, or it hogs data, or it is malware, or is intrusive, or something else? Does anyone have experience with the FP messaging app to clarify what he may have meant? I have read the call quality is terrible but what did he mean by dangerous?

Maybe the permissions? I don't think it is any more dangerous than other similar apps.

I actually have a very high opinion of the FP Messaging app. I get excellent call quality, especially with the AT&T LTE SIM. It's almost indistinguishable from cellular voice. I've never read anything to indicate that the app is dangerous in any way.

The FP calling app is simply a customized version of csisimple. It connects to FP via standard SIP protocol.

I tried calling a dentist's office with FP messenger app on my home WiFi, & they cannot hear me & hang up on me. I then used Hangouts to call instead, & it worked.

Looks like FB is implementing a calling requirement.

From Prepaidphonenews

"FreedomPop Forum administrator Alejandra G responded to several of the complaints with this message:

Due to a recent policy change, active phone numbers will be disconnected and accounts will go dormant on paid and free accounts that has no outbound calls in last 60 days (2 billing cycles) or accounts that have two failed payments.

We are afraid you will not be able to get the same number you used to have but you can choose a new one from the main page, online


We complained about that on RingPlus, looks like FP is doing that now too.

Also, FP App would not install on ZTE Max2, so I guess no way to "comply" with the calling requirements.

If the phone is rooted you can get the SIP credentials and use another app.

Are you talking about the ZMax 2 or the Grand X Max 2? If it's the ZMax 2, I own one of those and I had no problems installing the FP app from the play store.

zmax2... I think maybe the att firmware?

That's very strange. I installed FP app back when it had B16 Lollipop fw on it. I recently got a paygo sim to get the OTA Marshmallow updates and was able to still update the app from the play store as well. Is it just not showing it as available for your phone? Are you going in the play store via your phone? Have you also tried from your browser and chosen to install it to your Zmax2 from the web version of the play store?

Should be this one:FP App

it tries to install then errors out.