Fools gold/ vaporware

I will check my app in a month or two to see if the Amazon option or a Tello option ever develops. Otherwise I am through with CN. Headed to Tello with a spare feature phone. It has been too much time for too little return swiping for fools gold. File CN under vaporware in the ringplus file cabinet. I hope the 3 or 4 remaining customers of CN eventually get service.

Very well said & I agree with your assessment completely:

The ONLY way I'd place any trust in CN after their lengthy silliness will be IF it becomes possible to 'spend' their credits in chunks at Amazon.

Other than that option - trusting them to apply credit to a cellular services bill seems most likely to be just the same as inviting a very personally targeted train wreck - and there is NO such a thing as a -small- train wreck.