Fishy Hypotheses

We've all heard fishing lore about the big one that got away, and in the case of fish biologists, the reason as to why big fish reside in deeper waters than younger fish proved slippery indeed, until it was revealed that our catching and eating of fish is what causes bigger fish to reside in deeper depths. Unproven assumptions are unproven. Accomplished anglers know how hard it is to understand fish.

Fishing lures do a lot better job of "catching" the fishermen (who buy them) than fish.

I've always wondered why fishermen, on shore, always try to cast as far out as possible, and fishermen, in boats, always try to cast as close to shore as possible.

Can anyone explain that to me?

[strike]No[/strike] bWell, I can't,[/b] but it's too bad George Carlin didn't have this important question on his famous list of "why"s (such as, "Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?").