Finally... some INFO on Plans and future of our GOLD/Silver

Hi guys. I been reading on here everyday and am in the same boat as many of you with (3) Cell Nuvo phones. I have had success in getting all my original numbers restored and working but recently ran into issues where data stopped working. I am on the $5 Cell Nuvo plan indicated from the RedPocket site and showed 0,9,0 balances for min/txt/data so I figured my allotment had run dry. I contacted support yet again yesterday and low and behold they furnished some new information I felt I should share during this time of radio silence. It raises more questions but certainly sounds like an improvement in offerings and overall direction things will go moving forward. Here is the info from the email:

First and foremost we appreciate your patience as we made this transition. We have finalized the plans we are now offering and we think you’ll be really happy with the expanded options you will have for your Silver and Gold :

Plan Minutes Texts LTE Data

0 Gold/mo Infinite Plan
5 Gold top up increments 20 silver 2 silver 20 silver

Bundled/Unlimited plans
10 Gold/mo 500 500 500 MB
15 Gold/mo 1000 1000 1 GB
19 Gold/mo Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB
25 Gold/mo Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB
30 Gold/mo Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB then unlimited 2G
45 Gold/mo Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB then unlimited 2G
60 Gold/mo Unlimited Unlimited 8 GB then unlimited 2G
If you would like to change you plan or top up please email

We will be implementing some changes shortly to allow you to do all this from within the app, until hen just let us know what you want and we will handle it.

CellNUVO Support


I asked them an assortment of questions I had for how things will work and hoping they will address those to me directly or incorporate them into an FAQ when the website comes back or within an updated app. Time will tell. Hopefuly that time will be soon :slight_smile:

Thanks, if this is all true, I'd be happy with the offerings.

Just prior to seeing this, I had sent CN an email asking about whether it was OK to register our account on the RP site to check usage. Many of ya'll have done it already but I withheld not wanting to screw anything up. I also asked whether it was OK to work with RP support to do phone swaps since it looks like you can just chat their support for that...but again, didn't want to mess up integration on the CN side of things.

I'm also interested in switching over to the GSM side (either AT&T or T-Mo), so wondering how that'll all work out. Step by step...still sitting tight on all of that until formal direction comes from CN.

To the OP, Dr. Who, Thanks for the posting.

I have checked the emails of the different accounts I manage and of course the CellNUVO main site and see no notice of these different plans.

What kind of company sends a singular email to an individual without relaying that information to others who have and still are without service after weeks of having a system-wide outage?

Sounds good. Shortly is definitely better than their wording of soon. I think?

Support did not answer my specific questions re: registering my account on RP's site or phone swaps, but FWIW, they did just email me the identical information that the OP posted.

Sounds promising and that they're making progress.

I am interested in finding out what we are supposed to do regarding creating an account with Red Pocket and also if we can do swaps directly through them.

Please keep us posted.

So we can buy plans with our silvers now by emailing support?

What does this mean?
0 Gold/mo Infinite Plan
5 Gold top up increments 20 silver 2 silver 20 silver

Wow I just got a reply from tom. He is going to try to get my original number back. Didn't get the email you guys are getting . But looks promising

I take this to be the equivalent of our current PAY-AS-YOU-GO setup. The prices for min/txt/data are inline with what we were used to paying. I assume (and certainly am waiting for further clarification from CellNuvo) that we use the app/contact support and they add $5 to our Redpocket account and remove 5 gold from our CellNuvo account. I would imagine for each min/MB/txt used it would deduct draw from that $5 until depleted and needed to be top-up'd again.

My big question here is does this Infinite/Top up plan expire? Hopefully, it is like our current plans that have that 1969 expiration date. I asked them if we could add a bunch of 5 gold top-offs... I would hate to think we have to do it in only $5/5gold intervals. I also hope we can move back and forth between PAYGO and Monthly plans and not lose any money we put into PAYGO. I would be nice if it worked like Tello where if you used all your plan allotment it would pull from your PAYGO balance. We will have to see how this all pans out and what further info comes from CellNuvo.


Woohoo we :heart: you Tom.

I just emailed support to sign up for the Infinite Plan on a line that expired on 9/23. I hope this works.

Thanks drwho79.

And Karl



This is very good news indeed, and the Infinite plan is exactly what I was hoping it would be.

For those with consistently higher usage, the 10 Gold and 15 Gold plans give a nice price advantage over the rates we've paid before.

Now that we've got plans confirmed, maybe CN can get caught up on # recovery & fixing lines that don't work.

mmfacemm, could you ask some questions about those still with temporary #s or no service?:

  1. about ongoing # recovery, and whether we need to request it for it to happen?
  2. If # recovery isn't possible, or for those of us using Google Voice, can we request a # change from the temporary Chicago #s to a local (for us) one? (If a new local # is easier than original # recovery.)
  3. What's the best way to request assistance for no-service lines?
  4. Can porting information be supplied as soon as possible for those who feel they need to port elsewhere? (A way to get account #s and pins......) & How does this work for those who still have no-service lines?

No time for sighs for you. Get back to swiping!

Hee hee!!:lol:

And you sir, get back to your job on the boards! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say Great step forward and great plans.


I hope they get better ads for people to be able to earn 5 gold per month or more

Those of us who gambled that cellnuvo would have it. Have a small bank of gold to use and are very happy