Finally I got an Amazon gift card!

Yes, that Amazon.
For my first sign-in with that app.
No, not that app.

I wasn't confused ,but now I am

If you are confused, you can login your Amazon account, where you can see Amazon offer a 5 dollars gift card for you to sign in with its shopping app.

BTW, if you want to give somebody an Amazon gift card, you can do it. If you want you buy a gift card from Amazon and give it to somebody else, why would Amazon disapprove? The question is whether you are willing to do it, not whether Amazon will approve you to do it.

Of course if you don't pay Amazon and claim that Amazon will give out gift cards to others after working for you, and others hate Amazon for not receiving said gift cards, you will tarnish Amazon's reputation and Amazon will kick your ass.

Amazon don't play. :unsure:

Thanks for the tip. I'm not getting the offer unfortunately. I am getting an offer to get $5 if I add $100 to my gift card balance.

But there are many many many ways to earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars for very very little effort.

For example, I just got an invitation to open a Fidelity credit card that will give me $100 if I spend $500 in 90 days. It also has 2% cashback and 12 months of 0% interest.

Is there a join nthcircle get $25 Amazon card


I notice you can pay amazon prime via your sprint bill so could get cellnuvo to pay for that if you have a sprint line. Not the annual $99 option but the $10.99 / month prime payment option. As someone who pays for prime right now that is interesting to me.

Monthly price increased to $12.99 (18% increase) on Feb. 19th.