Filling the Bathtub

Has anyone figured out if you can actually earn net-positive credits when using mobile data?

Will it put water into the bathtub faster than it drains out?

I've only used wifi, so far, and would hate to think that all the swiping accomplishes is to transfer megabytes from another source to my CellNUVO acct.

yes it can, but only when you see tons of video in a short period. i tried it but would never do that again.

Transferring mb from elsewhere to cell minutes might not be a bad idea. Especially with freedompop if it works. Assuming of course you have no Wifi.

What about something with unlimited 2g data?

Oh, I've got mobile data coming out my ears so, no problem, there.

It'll be an important consideration, however, when I recommend it to other people.

We live in an impoverished town where lots of people don't have internet access at home. CellNUVO wouldn't be an option, for them, if watching ads on mobile data were close to being a break even transaction.

use freedompop data... it works

I have plenty of data available to me.

If I recommend CellNUVO to certain friends, however, I can't buy them two devices-- one for FP and one for CellNUVO. One device needs to do it all.

I'm still trying to figure out if CN is a realistic option for someone who uses minutes and texts, almost no data, and doesn't have any other access to the internet.

I guess it's the cellphone equivalent of sustainability.

chelle I have the same desire... my problem is that I am the impoverished one, not my friend. You friend can spend a whole day in library on swiping the phone crazily to gain 2000 points... then that would be good for a month. If not, two days in library. I agree... It would be better if cellnuvo could reimburse the data spent on gaining points.

Here is what the FAQ says.

"Do I use up MB’s when watching ads?

It depends. We try to send you ads when you are connected to free bandwidth so it does not use any of your credits. However, if you choose to watch advertisements without a suitable free connection, you will use up credits. Even so, you will still earn more credits than are used to watch an advertisement."

I tried again tonight.... Spent two hours on two surveys and a few short videos. Gained about 235 points but used 285 points... So I lost 50 points and two hours of my life, in addition, one of the survey is excessively longer than 15 minutes. I swear to god it probably took me 45 minutes to go over all kinds of crap, including videos about biopharmaceutical research, political junks, and tons of other completely irrelevant questions. I almost hanged myself. After seeing that net result I concluded that I am the dumbass of 2017.

I truly appreciate this feedback. I've been wondering about it. I wish they would zero rate the data for the ads.

15 minutes can save you 15% on your car insurance ............

I stayed away from cellnuvo because I couldn't see it being worth the time and effort. And in any case, Tello is cheap and freedompop has a nice amount of data for free.

I stayed away from cellnuvo because I couldn't see it being worth the time and effort.

You are of course right--it cannot be given any realistic imputation of opportunity cost.

On the other hand if you factor in the psychic income effect from the illusion that it is a cost saving activity, then you might actually end up on a higher indifference curve than going with Tello. All in all this looks like an excellent topic for a journal article.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But have you seen the joy / utility that has been expressed by some who feel good about paying for a service, eg Tello? The feeling that they're using something reliable, simple and more likely to be around for the long term, has more value than the psychic income plus the actual $ savings.

When R+ were not changing plans and / or I wasn't having to check in on social to stay in the loop, I had the best of both worlds.

Did you see the interesting presentation by the CFO of Macy's at the UBS conference the other day?

She was saying just how irrational the consumer is and gave the example of coupons. Consumers keep saying they hate coupons and at the same time plead that they not be taken away. It is all about the psychology of getting people to spend by trying to convince them something is a "deal."

Not a dumbazz of 2017, but maybe a test rabbit of 2017

Thanks for info. We knew it would be like this. since cellnuvo told us not to. only wifi