fed check

couple of questions based on the fed check as ive not needed new phones till now. currently have a hauwei union on tello. its really on its last legs. i also have a lg tribute dynasty on boost that was activated in jan of 2019. my understanding of the fed is that it needs to be active for 1 yr. on the service provider, does that still stand? my plan is to get a new boost and swap out the union for the dynasty. if i were to swap would need to wait until jan 2020 the day before i need to pay my 13th payment or would i need to wait until feb 1st? how quick do they update for fed check? any problems/ heads up that i need to be aware before i step into this very uncharted territory for me?

Check the ESN/MEID here: Bring your phone to a happier home

What does it say?


According to the information on Boost's website, they require that the phone be active on your (Boost) account for at least 12 months, after which time you can contact their customer support to request an unlock for your phone. Here is the link: https://www.boostmobile.com/about/legal/ctia-regulatory.html

Not sure how long it takes for the unlock to take effect, or how quickly it would register with the fed check, but hopefully it would be almost instantaneous. Hope it goes smoothly for you -- good luck!

st3fx- thanks for the link- it says its not clear because it hasnt reached eligibility - i know this as it wont reach that until 1/2020. im perfectly fine waiting until 2020.

duo- thanks for the link was unsure if this rule changed as i havent kept up with it that much & really have done a fly by as to what it is because most of my tello phones are pre fed check days. according the st3fx's link it will update within 48 hrs after passing the fed date. i guess i'll wait it out till jan and go from there. may sound stupid but if the fed check was longer or changed completely. i would be planning the buy 2 phones ( a boost and unlocked) on black friday instead of 1 ( boost).

to make it clear im not looking to get around the fed check i was looking for info on a timeline

thanks all

thought id give an update on this. the bill for boost was due 1/19/20 . i didnt pay it. it reminded me on 1/23 that i need to re-boost in order to keep my service active. i figured with the message they were giving me a "grace" period so started daily checks on tellos byod page on 1/24 it said it was active on another carrier. i let the phone sit. on 1/25 i checked the byod page again and i got the " awesome" response. i closed up shop at boost and its now active on tello . i thought for sure id have to buy a new sim but i plugged in the numbers and it gave me the all clear.

ferocious, you didn't request the unlock from Boost? It happened automatically?

automatically... figured if it didnt give me an awesome by 1/31 i would call. boost online let me remove everything. to compare when i wanted to move the union from virgin mobile to tello, i had to call. figured i would have to with this one. i considered myself lucky both times. at virgin mobile they didnt really question anything they said ok and a few clicks later it was done. maybe it has to do with where its bought? the vm was bought at walmart, walk in buy the box walk out. the boost was bought at a boost store, set up at a boost store and some months paid cash at that boost store.