Feces and the Art of War

If this strategy should prove successful, perhaps West Point will incorporate it into their curriculum. I'm not certain, but Hannibal may have utilized some of his elephant's feces in his campaigns. In any case, the feces defence looks promising.

I am not sure the war analogy works here as neither side is a government entity.

While one can sympathize with the views of those who intended to use this novel technique to express their concerns, it really is not a terribly constructive approach even though the group had planned (per its Facebook page notice) to reconvene on Sunday to clean up the mess. Actually properly cleaning up would probably require more skill and effort than the group possesses.

There is no good outcome to this cycle of counter protests. In fact every counter protest simply sets the stage for another episode and feeds the media cycle.

A better approach would be to allow the gatherings to occur so that First Amendment Rights can be exercised. While some may find this unpalatable, it probably is the best approach to follow. Over time, interest will fizzle as the Law of Diminishing Returns does its work.

"The leader of a far-right group set to hold a free speech rally in San Francisco on Saturday has called off the event, citing concerns about safety."

Yesterday, one "expert" on extremist groups said that calling off an event is sometimes a ploy used by such groups as they intend to meet up at another place nearby to engage in their rally. If so in this case, then the feces toting crowd best keep their weapons bagged until they know the exact place in which to deploy them.

Yes--the merry go round of protests does not seem to be productive. Maybe we can take a page from what some of the Eskimo clans created to resolve conflicts. I believe they had parties to a dispute each recite a poem they had created, and whatever poem was deemed the best was the winner of the dispute, which resolution appears to involve free speech and a peaceful outcome.Of course the impartiality of the judge(s) is always a problem.What The Inuit People Can Teach Us About Conflict Resolution Arctic Wisdom - YouTube

War analogy: I suppose it's a matter of definition. The Korean and Vietnam events were called conflicts by the government before earning the "War" appellation. Many called the Hatfield vs McCoy feud a war, and I believe there have been many conflicts designated a war, where one or more or all parties to the conflict have not been government militia. But, when all is said and done, you're right in that there is no way a feces armed contingent can be called a militia.

Not sure why, but it seems I am much more motivated to comment on threads like this one than on the vast majority pertaining to cellular service and providers. Perhaps the cliche "like a fly drawn to a pile of fertilizer" might apply.

That said, my next statement is not meant to offend anyone who has posted here; it is just my humble opinion:

This thread really stinks. :slight_smile:

Well, composting does have its benefits, but the stinky odor is not one of them, nor are the flies.