FCC Approves Merger of T-Mobile and Sprint

Source: FCC formally approves the T-Mobile-Sprint merger | Engadget


“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”---Yogi Berra

Mr. Berra's quote seems quite apropos for the merger. Hopefully all the promises made will be kept, and those of us using Sprint-based MVNOs will be able to continue to do so. Time will tell...

CNET: T-Mobile dangles $15 plan, 5G gains, big freebies to get Sprint deal done

Press Release:

I'll be watching for more info on that $15/mo plan offer, which sounds attractive. I'm wondering what sort of catches might apply.

Of other note, I've noticed a worrisome trend for T-Mobile to price their MVNO rate structure to follow Verizon pricing, instead of AT&T and/or Sprint. The new Red Pocket plan change announcement is a good example, with a dual data-allotment skew: more data included on AT&T or Sprint, less data included on T-Mobile or Verizon. I view that as a possible indicator of which way T-Mobile wants to shift their MVNO rate structure. (The recent TING move to break with T-Mobile and move to Verizon is yet another example.)

The catch will be usual T-mobile multi line tricks and taxes on top of cheaper plans. Yes $15 a month... if you have 4 lines. Article mentions the current cheapest is $30 which is when you have 4 lines on the Essentials plan. That is $60 for a single line so it will probably be at least $30 for this new 2gb capped line with most of the added perks taken away. Still T-mobile have needed a lower entry point for some time so it is something just not all that exciting unless you want multiple lines.

This merger isn't going to do wonders for consumers. Big companies push for them because it will improve their bottom line plain and simple.

They do offer a $20 unlimited talk and text plan right now. Not hard to add on 2gb for this new plan for $30/month dropping to $15 if you bring 4 lines.

"Dangles"="Quid Pro Quo" :ohmy:

"But here's the catch: The company says that none of the programs will happen without T-Mobile and Sprint getting together. T-Mobile said this only works thanks to the extra capacity provided by Sprint."

According to the t-mobile newsroom article, the new t-mobile connect plan is prepaid and you don't need to bring multiple lines to get this plan price. Taxes and Fees more than likely will be additional.

I would be happy to be wrong.

There is always some catch. Will wait and see. Prepaid isn't that great when there are a lot of good mvnos out there for tmobile.

What is confusing is they keep referencing the lowest plan at $30 which is a 4 person plan price.

Texas drops suit with agreement to keep current price of 5 years.

Nevada drops suit with agreement to keep current price of 6 years.

14 more states to go and I would guess they would want the rate in their state kept for: 7 then 8 then 9 then 10 then 11 then 12 then 13 then 14 then 15 then 16 then 17 then 18 then 19 then 20 years.