One way to make people look forward to 1 point/1 second ads would be to put them all together during certain times of the day.

If every day, at designated times, there were nothing but 1 point ads that only required one swipe to start and one click to return-- and they were all fast, instant ads-- it would be a fun time to play for "Match the Pot".

I normally love 15 point ads-- but not when I only need one more number to match the pot.

It would be fun to swipe during "FastPlay". The games would be completed very quickly and I can imagine that lots of folks would join in the fun.

What do you think?

I think it would be popular with those who like the game, and can swipe whenever they want.
(I can only swipe at certain times of the day, and would hope those times don't become 1-point periods.)