Examples of marketing hype

We all laugh at marketing hype. I just found a couple.

Enjoy! :lol:

CellNUVO Launch Press Release Oct 6 2015

CellNUVO prides itself on unprecedented customer service, resulting in the industries highest customer satisfaction.


CellNUVO article Oct 6 2015

“Modest interaction with our technology for a few seconds a day is sufficient to earn infinite free cell service,” he said.

The first isn't that bad actually. In late 2015 the only other freemium type services were ringplus and freedompop - hardly known for the best customer service!! No one here that I know used it in 2015 so who knows how good the customer service was.

Yes I give you the other one. The infinite plan is what the free plan is called so is techincally correct - a few seconds is enough to earn you free cell service on the infinite plan but obviously not "infinite free cell service"!

Here are a couple I noticed today...

Freedompop Email 25 Oct: Check out our latest price drop!! Franklin router Free with Activation!
(email 31July Franklin Router Free with activation!)

Freedompop Email 25 Oct: LG F7 Massive Savings!! Retail price $199.99 :ohmy:

Correct. At launch, before they had customers, they could claim flawless customer satisfaction if they wanted.

Still hype though.

Any reason you just picked out cellnuvo rather than every other company in existence?

I initially came across it as part of my research.

But I think these examples do help to evaluate how to interpret anything else Tom says so they are additionally useful to share right now.

Karl was another person whose previous words and subsequent actions and results were worth researching to help interpret the likelihood of his current statements coming to fruition.

There are many other people and companies that are worth evaluating in a similar way.