Ever try to get any useful info from 'worst buy' ?!?

What a total (but very sad) joke !!

The big box behemoth obviously does any & everything possible to prevent any & all live interaction with store staff via phone.

How do I conclude thusly ??
I wanted to ask a couple of questions of a real, live person actually present at the specific (nearest) store of theirs that is a mere hour away - rather than driving all the way there to be disappointed as has happened before.

So I called - and got 'Jack' - asked for the dept., and was barraged with endless questions but ZERO answers - and NOT transferred - when this 'Jack' person would not shut up - I said nevermind, 'bye - and hung up.

Waited a bit & called back...'Jack' again answered - asked again - got the same runaround - same result.

Waited yet again (they have more than a single phone answerer, perhaps ??) - but sadly 'Jack' again - so this time I asked for a store manager, to which he re-started the useless questioning - and I then demanded a manager, he finally said 'certainly' - and hung up on me.

Called right back - was greeted with silence - followed by a hang-up (guessing CID here...).

Truly infuriating - but I was on a mission by then, so=>
I called the next nearest location, a mere 2+ hours drive from here, and asked for a manager;
The kindly answerer explained that when the stores ignored calls, those got routed to a call center as it did right then - and which store was I trying to reach, please ??
I told him - he connected me - and their CS agent got me a manager...finally.

'Matt' explained that all their stores use the very same extension scheme & gave me the direct one I needed - so I thanked him kindly, and called, using that info, and...and...and...got who ?!?


I finally gave up for today - but I will try again tomorrow to see if 'Jack' is totally unavoidable whilst trying very hard to avoid driving there just to see his face when he gets a bloody nose !!!

I do very much doubt that the corporate policy there includes hanging up on potential customers !!

Is your question so specific that you can only get the info from the nearest store? If not, you could try chat on their website.

Looks like REAL customer service is truly dead - and if anyone even noticed - they simply did not care.
(Callous disregard is now the new & accepted 'norm' ??)

HI ET! :slight_smile: I always enjoy reading your eloquent posts. I have a slightly different perspective. I agree that rudeness, hanging up and intentionally talking around your inquiries is inexcusable and should not be tolerated. Big box stores have never wanted to offer the same level of of personalized service that your LOCAL hometown store can offer.
When the first McDonald's came to town it was a novelty which soon wore off. It paled in comparison to our drugstore soda fountain who knew your kids names and which one wanted onions on their burgers.:slight_smile:
Support YOUR local business! Local stores have been driven out of business by the droves since the 1960's, cause they simply don't have the quantity pricing options that behemoths can offer at the expense of personalized, knowledgeable expert service .

That said, having been a small business owner, my staff always prioritized the customer in the store over the phone call coming in during the middle of a customer interaction. When I purchased my first answering machine it was a godsend. We were able to concentrate on the customers present and then, when when things slowed down, we had time to give full attention to the phone inquiries. One of my biggest pet peeves is to be in a store, waiting for service, while telephone calls are prioritized.
I fully feel your frustration, as we were a 300 mile round trip from the nearest shopping centers one summer and not being able to get the simplest inquiries satisfied over the phone ahead of time, led to really long days on our monthly shopping excursions with items unavailable or unsatisfactory.

Thanks for your kind thoughts Als !!

Truth be told there is no small local business selling what I wanted to ask about, so the only choice for maybe 100 miles in any direction would be the bigboxbaloney.

If I was after lumber, tools or h/w, there is still a single quasi-local lumberyard a couple of miles from here & I've gotten both superb help & also totally blown off by the help there at different times.

For the sorts of stuff I wanted to ask about, it is either that horror show - amazon - or fleabay nowadays, really.

My tiny business actually still exists just because of the concepts you mentioned, and the level of loyalty from my very few clients is a wonderful gift to me in this life since those who remain have been with me for 15-20+ years.

Back to the bigboxbaloney horror - I did actually drive there as the website told me they had stock of 1 item that justified the drive & that trip was a success in several ways besides, so no gripes about the longish drive.

I did speak with a manager at worstbuy & he confirmed that how that 'jack' (jerk !!) behaved was NOT according to their policies & should not have happened.

Since living in this area I've had a need to go to that store less than 10 times - and have yet to be able to say any were enjoyable visits.

Here is what I consider to be a valid comparison from the same trip:
I stopped into home despot just to see if they might have a solution to a problem I need to deal with here at home.
Got helped by a friendly young man as soon as I walked in - found what I needed - checked out - all in maybe 15 minutes total, including having to walk from front left to back right and also getting help with a 2nd question.
No hassle whatsoever.
I can call there directly too - no rotten call center or any 'jack' to deal with.

All this merely affirms my commitment to avoid worstbuy as much as possible forever - and that they have a call center with obnoxiously nasty staff to avoid store based help just cements that commitment for me.

2 more thoughts & I'll quit rambling on here...

1st is that when Circuit City existed - they had great customer service & were very easy to deal with.

2nd - Another time, I'd placed an order online for store pickup at worstbuy - nothing very costly - went there for pickup (NH) - and they hassled me endlessly about my Vermont driver license which was 100% valid.
It took over 20 minutes of waiting before the worstbuy drones would allow me to leave with the already paid for little box with my name on it !!

[u][size=6]Just...not...a...user...friendly...place !!!

E_Z: Glad you had a somewhat successful end to your saga involving "Jack", who was least appropriately named since you were jacked or jerked around by a clownish person who didn't know jack. Sorry about the sad humor about the jack-in-the-box store experience, which was not amusing.

Jack-in-the-box...TOO FUNNY !!
Your wonderful description brings to mind 'jerk in the box' as an alternative.
(In reality it was more like whack-a-mole, minus the satisfaction of getting one's whacks in !!!)

Having said that though...an equally sick bit of humour comes to mind, here=>

What a cute Gerbil!

Shame to ruin a perfectly good microwave oven though !!