Email from Tello: double minutes and data

I got an email from Tello this morning. I'm sure everyone will, but (like me), some may use an infrequently-checked email address for registration.....

The basics--
From now through May 29, Tello is doubling minutes and data on monthly plans, but both existing and new users. This takes place at your account renewal date.

For the existing month, your current remaining unused balances (minutes and data) are doubled (Not quite as nice for the current month, but I imagine it was the most expedient route for doing the doubling for a current month.)

Rather than posting the complete text of the email, here's a link to a Reddit thread that has the complete text if you want to read it.

The industry I work in has been pretty much shut down here, with layoffs probably running around 95% of the workforce & a large percentage of hourly or self-employed folks. I'm trying to keep a list of fallback phone plans for those who may not be able to afford to keep their current plans if this lasts for a considerable time. Tello was already a primary option, of course, but this makes it even better.

Pretty good deal. This is in good competition with liberty wireless. Whether you care more about talk or data, will be the deciding factor here.

Can confirm my Tello 500mb line is now 1 GB and my 6-month unlimited t&t +2 GB line now has 4 GB data.

No "doubling" for paygo.
Really "halfing".
Like 0.5/min. or text.

If you're using a plan with data only (and PayGo for minutes), it might be worth considering changing temporarily to a plan including minutes.

Everyone is in a little different situation-- since we have home WiFi, I'm probably using far less mobile data than usual. But I'm using more minutes than usual, since it's nice to stay in touch with friends (and there's something comforting in hearing their voices).

I have a PayGo only line, too. It won't likely see much use during the lockdown, since I usually rely on it for jobsites and glovebox use, and neither of those are needed much at the moment.

Whatever you do, try to find ways to stay in touch with others. I got a mms this morning from a friend's cat, who wanted to say good morning to me. Had a nice conversation with the neighbor kids demonstrating magic wands (I'm apparently invisible for now, and hope it wears off before I need to go somewhere) and barbies (at safe midyard/fence distance, with their dad monitoring.) Both provided cheer.

during this virus ive turned on 2 data only plans (unlimited) for family ( which kinda backfired as ive had many a request now). they are still bound by the monthly allotment no doubling. in fact the accts recently changed to include this note near the usage bar " Unlimited data after using 25 GB, data is slowed down to 2G speeds"

Unlimited data plan cannot be doubled. You might want to contact their CS for the limit. They are usually very helpful.

not a complaint . merely an observation . how ever, one would deduce that the cap is 25 GB for the 4g lte max for the unlimited plan.