Ebay Sales Tax

I wasn't aware Ebay will be collecting sales tax for more states now and in the near future, so I thought this would be of interest for others who hadn't been aware of this fact.


It is coming to all states? Sigh

How are states allowed to change the rules. It was always if you didn't have a presence in that state they couldn't charge tax.

What Bs change the rules is a one way street.

What's the point in having laws?

It's the Uniting States vs. we the people. We need people in states that can vote on amendments to their state constitutions to vote laws that say once something is taxed, it can not be taxed again, now wouldn't that be a revolt. Those revenuers would have a fit, all those cars being taxed 10-20 times before they are recycled. Just think we could afford nicer used cars if we didn't have to pay all those multiplied taxes.